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Desert Rhino Camp: the luxurious home of Save the Rhino Trust in Damaraland

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An incredible camp between Etosha National Park and the Skeleton Coast, Desert Rhino Camp is a long established favourite lodge in Namibia.

It has been operating for over 20 years, and was set up as a collaboration with the Save the Rhino Trust in order to bring more exposure and funds to the endangered black rhino of the region.

This region is home to the largest remaining population of the desert-adapted beast, and guests of the camp are offered the opportunity to track, monitor and aid in protection of the elusive black rhino.

In the last 30 years the rhino population of the region has increased five-fold, and this is thanks to the Save the Rhino Trust and also Desert Rhino Camp.

With only eight rooms, Desert Rhino Camp ensures the highest standards of comfort and service for all guests.

Everything, from arrival to nightcaps around the campfire, is of high quality, and the staff go above and beyond to make visits to Desert Rhino Camp unforgettable.

The guides are expert rhino trackers and usually effortlessly point out countless other species of animal and plant on guided walks through the region, or on safari drives.

Save the Rhino Trust carefully monitors the rhinos, so spotting them is quite likely. Once they are located the rhinos can be tracked by foot for the ultimate outback adventure.

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The camp

Desert Rhino Camp has only eight tented rooms, and the camp is always in demand. Six of the rooms are set up with crisp white linen covered twin beds, which can be converted into king-sized beds upon request and two rooms have queen-sized beds. The tented rooms sit on raised platforms, with a verandah featuring directors chairs and a great view to watch. The interior is elegantly decorated, with a writing desk, drinks station, electronic safe and, behind the headboards, twin copper basins and a large mirror. The canvas walls have meshed windows in addition to the main double doors that can be opened to the wilderness. The bathroom is divided with canvas, with separate areas for the toilet and shower. As part of Desert Rhino Camp's eco-friendly practices, the tents aim to have minimal impact on the environment, and so solar panels are used for electricity and heating the shower water.

Why Wayfairer

A successful partnership between Desert Rhino Camp and Save the Rhino Trust, the camp has brought a lot of media exposure and shown the world how successful a conservation and preservation project can be. Wilderness Safaris focuses on the 4C’s, which include conservation, local community, retaining local cultures and commerce; ensuring their camps are desirable and make a profit, which can then be redirected to the other C’s. Desert Rhino Camp and Wilderness Safaris wish to fully contribute meaningfully to the wildlife and people of Africa.

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