Land of the gauchos, easy-living and soaking up the sun

Explore the exciting streets of Buenos Aires before escaping to your luxury countryside retreat

The flatlands, or Las Pampas, are often referred to as the breadbasket of Argentina, and this region is home to more than a third of the country’s residents. From Buenos Aires down the coast to Patagonia and inland to the Winelands, these fertile soils offer grazing for cattle and other livestock and played an important role in the country’s agricultural boom that still provides a substantial amount of Argentina’s income.

But daily life in Las Pampas continues much the same as it always has. Dotted across the plains, you’ll find homey estancias (ranches) where Argentina’s famous gaucho (the hardiest of all cowboys) reigns supreme. Explore nearby towns, listen to folk music, join a cattle drive, or just relax and take in the easy country lifestyle, polo games, charming Argentine hospitality and world-class wine.

Estancias in Las Pampas range from working ranches offering an immersive experience to luxury estates encouraging you to disconnect from the pressures of city living. So if you’re interested in Argentinian culture and history, mastering their impeccable horsemanship, or are looking for a way to press pause and soak up country living a little, then Las Pampas is where you want to be.

Your Luxury Las Pampas Trip Ideas

 As a stand-alone destination, a break in Las Pampas can be a tonic for tired souls who are looking to escape city life and seek out quiet, culture and kindness. The region’s proximity to Buenos Aires also makes it an ideal starting destination for those looking to recover from long-haul flights or a great finish to a holiday to other regions of Argentina before flying home.


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