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Colourful Swahili culture and serene beaches characterise Mafia Island, a secluded paradise to complete your Tanzania safari tour.

Mafia-Island_Tanzania_whale-shark_shutterstock_759448516_alc9mm Mafia Island’s charming coast proudly bares some of the best beaches in Tanzania, where you will discover endless ocean-bound opportunities.

As you stride off the enchanting coastline of Tanzania, Mafia Island becomes your ideal African beach holiday spot. Mafia Island warmly welcomes passionate travellers to revel in the co-existence of marine beauty and rich culture. With a history that dates back to the 12th century and landscapes which range from golden beaches to lush forest, the island leaves little to be desired.

You immediately notice the laid-back atmosphere of Mafia Island that seems to float through the air, as a year-round sunny climate keeps people at ease. Mafia Island Marine Park welcomes guests to uncover the rich marine biodiversity which brims the surrounding Indian Ocean, offering snorkelling, scuba diving and whale shark swimming adventures.

The timeless charm of Mafia Island extends past the swaying palms of its coast, enhanced by the warm hospitality of the local Swahili population, many of whom run characterful restaurants, cafes and hotels. Immerse yourself in the island's rich heritage, learning about its life-sustaining fishing culture and discovering local craftsmanship in street markets. Spend each moment in bliss, savouring time in a place where peace feels organic.

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Best Time to Visit Mafia Island

The uniquely consistent tropical climate of Mafia Island makes it a desirable place to visit in Tanzania year-round. However, if you crave lengthy beach sessions and marine adventures, it is best to visit in the Tanzania dry season which is from June to October. Heat during this time is also more manageable.

If you're especially intrigued by Mafia Island's whale shark residents, visit between October and February as this is when these beautiful creatures frequent the surrounding waters. During this time, expect moderate rainfall and high humidity.


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