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Lake Natron, a must-see as you pursue the greatest Tanzanian treasures on your African safari holiday.

Lake_Natron_Tanzania_shutterstock_210284260_sjsp14-1 Mount Ol Doinyo towers behind Lake Natron, posing a beautiful contrast to its sprawling flats.

Lake Natron is a treasures among Tanzania's wetland ecosystems, standing apart from other estuary bodies with its mystifying bright hues. Lake Natron is situated in the Great Rift Valley, stretching to 56km in length and even tipping over the Kenya border. The lake makes a mesmerising stop along your incredible safari in Tanzania, offering spell-binding panoramas and intriguing scientific discovery.

Depending on the time of year, the lake glitters in a spectrum of colour, its highly alkaline waters appearing in deep reds and pinks during certain points of the year, when algae concentration is at its highest. The nearby indigenous communities treasure the lake, its diverse ecosystems and natural oddities forming Tanzania’s most unique landmark.

However, Lake Natron’s colourful allure should not be mistaken as a signal of safety, especially for the flocks of birds which often pass by. Strangely, those animals who attempt to bathe in or drink from the bewildering lake can become preserved in a calcified state, leaving eerie mummies around the waters. Keen photographers will be in their glory, as Lake Natron has often been alikened to another planet, although the crowds of flamingos bring you back down to earth!

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When to go to Lake Natron

Pleasant weather blesses Lake Natron and its surroundings during most of the year, even during the Tanzania wet season. Its desert setting produces a low chance of rainfall, although some months can bring intense heat. A Lake Natron tour between June and August bring the best weather, as you will meet a tolerable warmth with some breezes.

If you visit Tanzania between November and May, a trip to Lake Natron brings very humid weather but also tends to accustom for fewer crowds of tourists. Whilst the colour of Lake Natron isn’t predictable in relation to the seasons, if you want to see flamingos, visit around December and January time.


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