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When is the best time to visit Sao Tome & Principe?

Blessed with almost year-round perfect weather conditions, there are no overly busy peak seasons or specific months to travel in Sao Tome & Principe. With different highlights throughout the seasons, the best time to travel depends on what you’d like to see and do on the islands.

The most popular months to travel are December to January and July to August, as more people can travel during these typical holiday seasons, however you’ll find these wild remote islands will not even be slightly overcrowded.

January, February and March tend to be the most popular as they are the hottest months, with stunning beaches and hazy skies sprinkled with sand being blown down from the Sahara Desert. This is also the best time for scuba diving visibility and bird watching, with vibrant mating plumage on show.

The driest months are June, July, August and early September which is a good recipe for hiking and beach excursions. August, September and early October are the best time to see Humpback and Sperm whales as they migrate through the island’s warmer waters.

The months of October, November and early December experience a short rainy season, so hiking becomes more difficult on muddy terrain and the climate can become more humid. The highlight of the rainy season is the photography opportunities, with dark dramatic skies, and thunder clouds clearing to reveal bright blue skies.

The long rainy season falls from March to May, and although it’s not the best time for hiking excursions, the islands are still beautiful in lush green foliage. It’s important to note that the rain does not fall evenly over the islands. They may be small, but they are extremely varied topographically, so the mountainous slopes of the south-west catch most of the rainfall on both islands, so you’ll likely experience less showers in the northern parts of the island.

For travellers who are keen to see turtles nesting, travel from mid-November to early February to see the eggs hatch and spot the hatchlings return to sea 45 days after the initial nesting.

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