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The gateway to everlasting azure waters, golden floating islands, colourful fiestas in high altiplano

Puno lies on the western shores of Lake Titicaca, South America’s largest and highest lake in dazzling cobalt blue. Unifying Peru and Bolivia, the expanse of water covers thousands of square miles at 3,800 meters above sea-level. These are the shores of an ancient high-altitude ocean spanning back three million years. 

Fertile soils enriched by the water support pretty adobe villages and agricultural land that stretches right down to the lake’s edge. The golden islands and peninsulas provide a thriving home to indigenous communities that sustainably welcome visitors to their land. Visit the rugged, terraced islands of Amantaní and Taquile that jut out from crystalline waters and the reed islands of Uros miraculously floating on mats of dried totora. 

Watch the golden sun cast dazzling light over the clear waters surrounding your waterfront lodge. Bright days make way for bitterly cold star-scattered nights, so enjoy the heat of the day and snuggle by a crackling fire as the sun sinks below the rippled horizon. 

Legend has it that this was the birthplace of the children of the Sun, the first cosmos. Mánco Capac, one of the founders of the Inca dynasty was raised in the depths of the lake. Upon rising from Titicaca, he travelled to Cusco to build a temple in honour of his father Inti - the Sun. 

Today, highland cultures steeped in old traditions continue to leave their marks on the landscape. The Aymara peoples living in the Titicaca basin practice ancient methods of agriculture on terraces that even pre-date these Inca times. 

Rolling hills and mountain tops are the backdrop to desolate altiplano with crumbling cathedrals and checkerboard fields. Yet Puno is known as Peru’s capital folklórica (folklore capital), a centre of vibrant fiestas and rich religious celebrations high up in the sky. The revival of ancient traditions adopt the form of eclectic dances, songs and costumes… complemented by excessive imbibing! 

Join the ongoing celebrations of Peru’s cultural heritage in Puno. Set up camp for a few nights on the shoreside or in an intimate island lodge. Experience some of the world’s most unique cultures, flora and fauna from this deeply sacred place.

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Best times to visit Puno

Lake Titicaca and Puno are not as susceptible to the seasons as other parts of Peru, therefore the lake can be visited year round. However, we recommend visiting from April to October. The drier weather at this time of year brings clear air, crystalline skies reflected on the lake’s expansive waters and breathtaking sunsets. The average temperature pleasantly sits in the mid-20°Cs. Combined with mountain treks in Peru, September and October are fantastic times to visit as the bigger crowds have dispersed. If you’re wanting to tie in a visit to the Amazon basin, this is also a great time as wildlife congregates around shrinking rivers and mosquitoes are fewer. For annual celebrations, visit Lake Titicaca and Puno at the start of February for the ‘Fiesta de la Candelaria’, a coming together of the catholic faith and Andean religions to celebrate pachamama, mother earth.

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Hotels & Lodges in Puno

Staying on the shores at Titilaka Lodge provides an opportunity for five star excellence amongst the rugged and wild surroundings. Alternatively, use Puno as a springboard to even more remote spots on the water. Suasi Lodge is set on a private 45-hectare island on the northern shores of Lake Titicaca, it is the perfect base for exploring uncovered natural wonders from the front door of the Andean Cottage with thatched roofing and adobe walls. Lake Titicaca is in many ways a nature enthusiasts heaven, elevated high above any other navigable lake worldwide. 

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