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5 days Galapagos

Journey across the wild oceans and ancient volcanic landscapes of the Northern Galapagos Islands on this short, thrilling, luxury Galapagos Wildlife Cruise


  • 4 nights aboard the Elite Yacht

In more detail

Ocean and wilderness lovers looking for adventure and incredible wildlife encounters will love this itinerary. It’s a five-day boat-based exploration of the Northern Galapagos Islands where you can snorkel with sharks, rays and turtles, relax on sparkling white sand beaches, meet the giant Galapagos tortoises, hike ancient volcanoes and kayak with sea lions.

You’ll wake each day aboard the Elite Yacht; a luxury yacht which has a maximum capacity of just 16 people in bright, spacious, sea-view rooms with private balconies and ensuite bathrooms. Breakfast is served alfresco on the sky deck, and chefs prepare delicious meals using locally sourced ingredients and catering to their guests’ dietary requirements.

This itinerary packs a lot of incredible experiences into just four nights, making it ideal for busy travellers on tight schedules. If time is on your side be sure to speak to your Wayfairer Luxury Travel Specialist about planning an extension to mainland Ecuador or Peru, or even further. South America is waiting for you.

What's included:

  • 3 meals a day on board
  • Accommodation in an ensuite double, single or twin room
  • Transfers too and from Baltra Airport
  • Accommodation and snorkelling and kayaking equipment

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Trip Itinerary

Days 1 - 5: Cruise the Northern Galapagos Islands on a luxury yacht

Day 1: Arrive in Baltra & board The Elite Yacht
Day 1: Arrive in Baltra & board The Elite Yacht Listing Image

When you land at Baltra Airport you will be met by a Wayfairer Representative and transferred to the Charles Darwin Research Station. The Charles Darwin Research Station provides an unmissable opportunity to find out about the vital work that is being carried out to preserve the archipelago’s ecosystems including the famous Galapagos tortoises, whose numbers have been in decline since the 1970’s. These captivating enormous reptiles are very accustomed to humans, so be sure to bring your camera for some close-ups. This afternoon you’ll board the Elite ready for the adventures ahead.

Wayfairer Top Tip: unwind after your travels at Galapagos Safari Camp before joining your Galapagos cruise. Speak to your Luxury Travel Specialist about including a few nights here before your oceanic adventure.

Day 2: Explore El Barranco & Darwin Bay
Day 2: Explore El Barranco & Darwin Bay Listing Image

You’ll drop anchor today to explore El Barranco, also known as Prince Philip’s Steps; a rocky stairway that leads past a colony of Nazca and red-footed boobies to a plateau of dried lava.

You’ll have the opportunity for a panga ride or you can go paddle boarding along the edge of the cliffs, which will provide you with a good chance of seeing the elusive Galapagos fur seals nestled on the rocks.

In Darwin Bay you can kick back and relax on the small sand and coral beach. Or don your fins and go for snorkelling in the company of hammerhead sharks, rays and a plethora of colourful reef fish. If you prefer to stay above water you can choose to go kayaking or paddle boarding in bay’s calm, sheltered waters. You also have the option to stay onshore; a short trail leads along a tidal lagoon and mangroves, home to a variety of bird species, including Nazca and red-footed boobies and swallow-tailed gulls. The trail culminates at a viewpoint that offers a stunning view overlooking the cliffs and the bay below.

Day 3: Santiago Island
Day 3: Santiago Island Listing Image

You’ll continue on to Espumilla beach on the northern coast of Santiago island; an exquisite white sand beach. Sally Lightfoot crabs are in abundance here and as a result, it is common to see predatory birds such as hawks, herons and pelicans. This idyllic location is perfect for snorkeling or kayaking/paddle boarding amongst a raft of marine life, including species of octopus, eels and sharks.

Buccaneer Cove has an interesting history as it is where sailors, Buccaneers, and whalers frequently anchored their vessels in search of food and water. In more recent times, it has become an important nesting site for turtles and is also popular with sea lions. Enjoy a panga ride along the eroded shoreline yields views of intriguing rock formations that provide excellent ledges for boobies, pelicans and gulls.

Egas Port was once the site of a salt mine, but now this impressive black sand beach is an excellent location for snorkeling and observing shorebirds, Sally Lightfoot crabs and marine iguanas. Stroll along the wide trails inland leads you past tidal pools and rocky volcanic formations known as grottoes where it is possible to spot fur seals enjoying a spot of shade.

Day 4: Bacchas Beach & The Twin Craters
Day 4: Bacchas Beach & The Twin Craters Listing Image

Today you’ll explore Bachas Beach; a glorious white sand beach on which the remnants of a rusted barge, thought to have been abandoned by the Americans during WWI, can be seen. It’s a popular nesting site for turtles, so snorkelling enthusiasts may well find themselves sharing the water with these wonderful creatures. The area is also full of vibrant Sally Lightfoot, hermit crabs and elegant pink flamingos that frequent the saltwater lagoon behind.

After a hearty lunch, this afternoon you can hike the trail to the rim of the Twin Craters; almost identical crater-like holes, caused by the collapse of empty lava chambers. Enjoy the incredible views and bird enthusiasts can spot the distinct red feathers of Vermilion Flycatchers, Darwin’s finches, Galapagos doves and, with a bit of luck, an endemic short-ear owl. 

Day 5: Departure
Day 5: Departure Listing Image

Isla Lobos, or “Sea Lion Island,” is a long, thin island not far off the coast of San Cristobal Island. As the name implies, it is home to a healthy colony of sea lions. There is a trail on the island that you explore, and see different species of birds, including Boobys of both the Blue-footed and Nazca varieties.

Later this morning you will be met and driven to the San Cristobal airport to meet your flight home, or transfer to your next destination.

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At Wayfairer we are incredibly selective about the service providers we choose to partner with. On every trip to the Galapagos Islands our guests will guided in the ways they can be engage in positive and respectful wildlife encounters and interactions. Our partners know this destination well and are doing their utmost to protect and repair the incredibly important ecosystem here. It is integral to our work as Luxury Travel Specialists that we support and cherish this and give back to the communities that we meet on our adventures.

Why Wayfairer Galapagos Wildlife Cruise

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