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Cloud forests and pristine woodland adorned with revitalising river pathways and remarkable bird-watching

Renowned for its remarkable scope for birding, Mindo Valley attracts twitchers from around the world to absorb sights of Ecuador’s colourful endemic species. 

Just 2 hours north-west of Quito the Tropical Andes and the Chocoan lowlands meet. On the slopes of the dramatic mountain range, Mindo welcomes the convergence of the world’s most biologically diverse ecoregions. 

The Mindo Valley is a verdant and teeming destination, a perfect tropical retreat for those who can’t venture as far as the Amazon but are still searching for a similar wildlife adventure. This cloud forest paradise is irrigated by three rivers - Mindo, Saloya and Cinto - as well as hundreds of gushing streams and plummeting falls.

Listen to the evening orchestra of frogs and birds in harmony. Watch the courtship ritual of the club-winged manakin whose wings provide a falsetto soundtrack to his dance. Catch a glimpse of the iconic Choco toucan perched atop a fruitful tree. 

An adventure in Ecuador’s cloud forest isn’t confined to solely wildlife and bird watching. The valley provides ample opportunities for thrilling activities in the jungle such as rafting on world-class rapids, zip lining from the canopy to forest floor, and mountain-biking on epic terrain. 

Mindo’s pocket-sized pueblo is the tourist hub of organising invigorating activities in the forests surrounding. A stimulation of the senses, this town can be identified by its wafting aromas of coffee and chocolate locally produced in the region. 

Encircling the pueblo is the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Reserve and the Tandapaya Cloud Forest Reserve. Once venturing outside of town, the surrounding pristine forests are largely protected. 

The exclusive lodges in Mindo are set in spectacularly maintained and conserved private reserves where ongoing research continues to strive towards protecting this unique environment. 

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Best times to visit Mindo Valley

Due to its location on Andean slopes, Mindo is frequented by showers year-round and spectacular bird sightings are always common. The drier season runs from the beginning of June through to the beginning of November. During these months the valley experiences more sunshine and spectacular sunsets. November to the end of May accounts for the rainy season which peaks in February.

The transitional period from mid-April to may is a fantastic time for explorative birders as the valley is in bloom. That said, due to the many feeding sources, bird-feeders at lodges will not be visited by as many species. For those who want to experience the wildlife from just outside your bedroom, the fruit season from July to September is preferable. 

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