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Experience luxury alongside your naturalist-led expeditions in the Galápagos, with unparalleled passion and respect for this unique environment

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Integrity is a beautifully designed yacht which lives up to its name. The entire vessel is bathed in natural light, and provides plenty of space to relax and recuperate as soon as guests arrive. The incredibly spacious rooms on board showcase large picture windows enabling a blissful night’s rest to the sound of the gentle waves. 

The yacht comes well-appointed with state of the art technology to ensure that Darwin’s Islands are discovered in comfort and ease. Spend afternoons and mornings out sunning yourself on the deck, or relaxing in the spa hot tub. Eat gourmet cuisine prepared by the local chef, and relax in seamless luxury on board. 

Whilst these comforts are fantastic, arguably far more important are the day’s events. Wake up in the morning with views of a new island, and following a healthy and nutritious breakfast set off on an expedition to uncover the prolific flora and fauna of the archipelago.

The naturalist guide is the most important aspect of your Galapagos experience. Each and every member of the crew is hand-picked for their unrivaled skills and passion, from the meticulous detail of the cabin staff to the depth of knowledge of your naturalist guide. Integrity prides themselves on providing the very best and intimate experience of the Galapagos. 

The Eastern Route encompasses the less-volcanic, older islands of Española, Genovesa and San Cristóbal, where the variety of wildlife is truly extraordinary. The Western Route follows the Pacific around Floreana, Isabela and Fernandina - a collection of young and old islands, with active volcanic hotspots. The week-long journeys are joined by all of the Galápagos’ famous inhabitants in breathtaking proximity. 

It’s well-known that the animals at the Galápagos Islands are not afraid of humans, but nothing can prepare you for that reality until you get here.

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The Vessel

Integrity can host up to 16 guests on board. The ship is incredibly spacious (141 ft) compared with others that cruise the Galápagos Islands, and conforms to exacting standards to a luxury level. On board there are double cabins with large windows, one single stateroom and the owner's suite which measures 106m². The expansive deck has enough sun-loungers for all, and a spa hot-tub with views of the ocean. There are plenty of spaces to relax both on the deck and down in the lounge. 



Facilities include two bars, a restaurant, an indoor lounge/salon area with comfortable seating, a well-equipped kitchen for all dietary requirements, outdoor hot-tub, large windows, rooms have writing desks with chairs, individual climate control, stock refrigerator, satellite telephone, and an entertainment centre. 

In the restaurant, there are four tables of six which can be rearranged to any layout. The chef carefully executes varied menus which are incredibly delicious and healthy. In the spacious galley, the chef and his brigade prep meals to suit all dietary requirements as well as providing daytime snacks and refreshing fruit-juice beverages.

Why Wayfairer

At Wayfairer we promote sustainable and positive tourism to all our clients who choose to travel with us. This means that all stays actively benefit the countries we visit, and experiences give back to the wildlife and communities we interact with. We only partner with cruise providers in Ecuador who share our ethos. 

Integrity is a family-owned business, who operate and maintain the boat. The specialised itineraries are uninterrupted and ensure that guests can fully immerse themselves in the nature and wonders of the islands. It's one of the few vessels in the islands with stabilisers, ensuring smooth cruising, and its electronically controlled engines are the most fuel-efficient of any yacht in Galápagos. The boat has the Galápagos Quality Gold Seal for environmental practices and was the first yacht in the archipelago to be fitted with its own wastewater treatment system; all waste is separated into organic, recyclable, non-recyclable and hazardous material prior to disposal.

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