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Step into the fur-lined, snow encrusted shoes of an original arctic trapper with a stay at the Trapper’s Station

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The Trapper’s Station is not your usual accommodation choice. It is open all year and located around 10km away from the town of Longyearbyen which is the largest town on the island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard Archipelago and it is about as close to feeling like an 18th century trapper  as possible.

It is home to around 100 huskies which are trained mushing dogs for pulling sleds/buggies through the harsh terrain. Why not consider linking a stay with the sister properties of Nordenskiöld Lodge, Isfjord Radio or Basecamp Hotel

Trappers came to this region in the past searching to seal and reindeer to make their fortune and the Trapper’s Station is a replica of the accommodation they would have used. You can also find many pictures, books, artifacts and even hunting equipment and around the bonfire in the evening staff will regale you with stories of the trails and tribulations of trappers coming to Svalbard.

Accommodation is in a traditional ‘gamma’, which is a wooden teepee while up to a hundred dogs keep guard outside. One of the highlights of staying here is interacting with the dogs, which are so integral to life in the arctic. Depending on the time of year you may have even used a dog sled or dog buggy to reach the Trapper’s Station. Far enough away from any light pollution it is the perfect place for the northern lights or for the equally impressive midnight sun after April 19th.

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The camp

The Trapper’s Station is purposefully rustic and along with wood as the main source of fuel to heat the accommodation there is also no running water. Guests will sleep in a comfortable ‘gamma’ which is a wooden teepee with space for 12 people. Settle into heavy sleeping bags on insulating reindeer skins with oil lamps to guide you through the night, if needed. Outside the teepee is a small wash house that has an indoor toilet and simple washing facilities.

Along with the dog yard where each dog has its own yard and shelter there is also a trapper’s cabin which houses the dining room with space for 14 guests.

Enjoy a candlelit evening of hearty food and tales of adventure in the arctic wilderness before retiring to your cosy sleeping bag and then waking to the murmurings of huskies and the smell of freshly brewed coffee from the cabin. There is also a secondary station with four beds for the staff looking after you during your stay.


Facilities include a dining cabin, washroom, communal ‘gamma’ teepee sleeping arrangements, huskies, friendly staff and hearty meals.


Meals and most drinks are normally included and this takes place in the communal dining cabin, which seats up to 14.

Why Wayfairer

The Trapper’s Station serves as a replica of the authentic accommodation originally used by trappers on the Svalbard Archipelago, therefore it utilizes locally sourced building materials, natural textiles and traditional low-tech building techniques wherever possible. There is also no electricity on site and the food served is locally sourced and seasonal, reducing carbon emissions from importing products from further afield.

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