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Nestled at the food of a mighty glacier from where the lodge gets name, this intimate lodge is the place to disconnect and reconnect with the environment.

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Deep in the heart of the island of Spitsbergen in the glacial moraine of Nordenskiöld glacier is the world’s northernmost commercial cabin. With just five rooms and no running water or electricity it is a place to come to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and experience some of nature’s most impressive forces and the landscapes which they have forged. Why not also visit the sister properties of Basecamp Hotel, Isfjord Radio and the Trapper's Station.

The lodge is open between Mar and May and July and September each year and is only accessible by boat or snowmobile, depending on the time of year that you visit.

Spend your days in the wood-fired sauna, paddling in a kayak to the front of the glacier and of course getting acquainted with the glacier itself, on foot. Expert guides and equipment are on hand to introduce you to the techniques required for hiking across this glacier which stretches all the way to the north coast of Spitsbergen.

The abandoned Russian mining town of Pyramiden is also on the doorstep and easy to visit from the lodge, which was left in 1998 and everything exists as it was then. Enjoy a tour of the town and it’s crumbling buildings and even the world’s northernmost swimming pool.

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The Lodge

The lodge is about as remote as you can get and the silence aside from the whispers and cracks of the neighboring glacier is an experience in itself. Detox from modern life in the cosy lodge with no running water or electricity. Wood is used to heat the cabin and of course the sauna and ice is melted from the glacier for use.

The pine cabin which makes up the lodge has an expedition feel but with modern comforts. It has 10 beds in five rooms and plenty of soft pillows and warm blankets to keep warm as you gaze out at the blue shimmer of the glacier beyond.  

From the large windows in every room you might be lucky to glimpse an arctic fox strolling past or perhaps even a polar bear...


Facilities include a sauna, dining room, five bedrooms. From the lodge hikes, snowmobile trips, kayaking and boat trips are all available. 


Dining is carried out in the communal dining room and it has a real convivial feel at such an intimate and small lodge.

Why Wayfairer

The operator behind Nordenskiöld has conservation and travelling in a responsible manner at the very heart of what they do. On Spitsbergen we are particularly impressed by their local and sustainable food initiatives. They use local trappers who utilize traditional trapping methods on nearby islands to obtain sustainable and local ingredients for their menu.

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