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The 50 Years of Victory is one of the most powerful icebreakers in existence and will take you to the top of the world- the North Pole.

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At home in the most extreme of polar environments the ship, also known under the Russian name, 50 Let Pobedy, was originally built to pilot cargo and research ships through heavy ice. However, it also contains an accommodation deck for intrepid travellers, who during the short summer season can board the ship on their quest for the North Pole. In contrast to its industrial, blunt appearance it is complete with comfortable accommodation, a gym, bar, dining room, a swimming pool containing heated sea water and two saunas!

Built to crush through multi-year ice up to three metres thick, this impressive ship is powered by two nuclear reactors that generate 75,000 horsepower. It is the most powerful icebreaker ever built and on a journey north you will feel and hear the immense power.

Construction began on the ship in what is now Saint Petersburg in 1989 and was not completed until 2007, where it was moved to its current residence of Murmansk. The construction was somewhat of an experimental project as it was built with a spoon-shaped bow to increase the efficiency of efforts in breaking ice. As the engineers expected it excelled in initial sea trails and showed exceptional speed and maneuverability for an icebreaker.

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The ship

The impressive 50 Years of Victory can take up to 128 guests in six different classes of cabin, starting with the standard twin rooms which can be found on the bow deck and contain one lower berth plus a sofa that is converted to a bed each night. The rooms have ensuite facilities with a shower, a television set, DVD player and desk and chair. At the other end of the scale are the Arktika Suites which can be found on bridge decks 1,2 and 3, these have a very spacious bedroom with a single bed along with a separate sofa bed in the sitting room. Other amenities include a refrigerator, television and DVD player, coffee maker and the ensuite bathroom has a bathtub.

Although transporting tourists wasn’t the initial purpose of the 50 Years of Victory and compared to some of the ultramodern cruise ships the décor might be considered to be a little dated it is very comfortable and when you consider the environment within which it can safely sail, it is quite remarkable. In the public spaces you will find a dining room, a saloon for lectures, a bar and lounge, library, gym and small shop. As well as the gym on board, for those who want to keep active there is a swimming pool and a multi-purpose sports court!


The facilities onboard include a variety of cabin types, gym, sauna, swimming pool, library, lounge, dining room, viewing deck, helicopter. 


High quality cuisine is served in the communal dining room and all meals are included on board. The Victory Bar is open from afternoon to late evening and along with the stunning view it has an extensive wine list and well stocked bar.

Why Wayfairer

All of our polar cruises are hand-picked and carried out by the most responsible and sustainable operators that function in these delicate regions. They have an expert team on board to educate and inspire guests about the surrounding environment and its inhabitants with the hope that those guests will take away this knowledge and inform others of the importance of conservation and protection.  

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