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The top of the world is now not just the reserve of frost-bitten explorers

The North Pole can be described as the world’s northernmost point, where the Earth’s axis of rotation meets its surface, however, its mere geography fails to credit the history, sacrifice, and significance of this region. It still has the same pull on travellers today as it did for those in the late 19th century, who were willing to risk their lives to explore the shifting sea ice in search of the legendary 90 degrees north.

Nowadays, thanks to those early trail breakers it is not just the reserve of the most adventurous, cold-hardened polar explorer and a number of trips depart each year, travelling through the Arctic Ocean, in a quest to reach the top of the world. Along the way you will be treated to a spectacular polar landscape, vast glaciers, remote archipelagos and maybe even the odd polar bear.

There were numerous attempts to reach the north pole pre-1900 that all resulted in failure and often in tragedy, this included trips by ski, ship and even hydrogen balloon. The first person who claimed to have reached the pole was Frederick Cook in 1908, however, without convincing accompanying evidence the claim is not widely accepted. There is also still debate around Robert Peary’s claim the following year, with modern expeditions failing to be able to recreate some of the distances and speeds that were claimed by Peary. The first verified trip to reach the pole was not until 1926 by the legendary polar explorer Roald Amundsen on a Norwegian owned airship- Norge.

Given the relative recency of our attainment of the pole, it is incredible that a barely a hundred years later it is possible for the regular consumer to make it to the North Pole and to explore in comfort and safety.

A number of trips head towards the pole during the summer season of 24 hours of daylight and when the local conditions are at their most favourable. Please see our trip below - Quest for the North Pole -  that includes propulsion through the sea ice by the largest and most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker ship ever built and also flights by helicopter to explore the region.

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When To Go

Cruises to the extreme north of the planet can only take place during a small window of favourable ice and weather conditions, therefore just a few voyages depart each year between June and August. Given the specialist and niche nature of these voyages it is vital to book early to avoid the disappointment of finding them fully booked.

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Featured Holidays

We feature one trip that will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to reach the North Pole. During Quest for the North Pole board the ‘50 Years of Victory’, a start-of-the-art icebreaker ship for a 13-day round trip to and from Murmansk in Russia. Journey through the Arctic Ocean to 90 degrees north and take the opportunity to circumambulate Earth! As you sail back travel through the magical archipelago of Franz Josef Land to search for polar bears, bowhead whales and other enigmatic Arctic wildlife.

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