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Playing in the snow, adorable penguin encounters and outdoor adventures, an Antarctica cruise is far from your average family holiday

Inspire your family to follow in the footsteps of pioneering explorers such as Sir Ernest Shackleton and wildlife-watch like David Attenborough, with an Antarctic adventure unlike any family holiday you’ve been on before.

Travelling Antarctica with Children

Depending on the Antarctic cruise, there is usually an age minimum for passengers, which can range from 8 to 12 years. Safety and wellbeing of all passengers aboard is a priority, so children must be able to follow any rules on board the vessel and be comfortable staying on the ship for the duration of the trip (we recommend bringing nausea medication for potential seasickness).

An Antarctic parka and special waterproof boots are provided for all passengers by the expedition team, though sizing can be limited, so check ahead to make sure your child’s sizes are available.

Aside from the practical elements, children will love the opportunity to play in the snow, watch gigantic icebergs float past and of course, spot wildlife such as pods of orca, breeching humpbacks, playful seals and colonies of hundreds of thousands of adorable penguins.

Back aboard your Antarctic cruise, there’s no chance of your kids getting bored as the cruise ships are well-equipped with facilities such as libraries stocked with books and games, and some expeditions even offering Kids’ Clubs.

Travelling Antarctica with Teenagers

An Antarctic cruise is a great chance for your tween or teen to get off the grid and back to nature. With ample wildlife watching opportunities, incredible encounters with ice cliffs, glaciers and epic polar scenery, it’s hard not to feel inspired.

What’s more, an Antarctic expedition offers the chance to learn about history; both ancient history in the fascinating fossils found here, as well as the incredible age of discovery, when explorers battled the elements in the race to be the first to reach Antarctica and later, the South Pole.

Adventurous and outdoorsy teens will love a kayaking excursion through the icy waters, the chance to learn a new skill at a photography workshop and even the unique experience of camping overnight on the Antarctic mainland. Or will they be brave enough to take the “polar plunge” and swim in the coastal waters?

A visit to Antarctica is also a powerful lesson in the importance of protecting the environment and conservation, with daily talks and presentations from the team of experts aboard, designed to educate and inspire you and your family to think about what you can do to protect the planet.

Family Holidays to Antarctica

An Antarctic cruise is an incredible experience for any family. Take a look at our example Antarctica holidays and itineraries for ideas of which route you’d like to take or contact us to discuss your polar family adventure.

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Example Antarctica Holidays

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Find out more and tailor your perfect trip with the help of
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Talk to the team

Find out more and tailor your perfect trip with the help of
our specialist team on 0117 313 3300