Explore the magical Ibera wetlands with the friendly, guiding hand of Rincon del Socorro. 

This beautiful stay celebrates the authentic Estancia lifestyle, ideally situated on the edge of the expansive Ibera National Park within the biologically rich Ibera Wetlands of northeast Argentina. Rincon del Socorro restyles an Estancia, which was initially built in 1896, into a rustic yet elegant boutique hotel which thrusts you into one of the most calming and secluded regions of Patagonia. What results is an idyllic blend of vast wildlife and comforting luxury, perfect for those who love the high-end lifestyle but are eager to dive into the raw wilderness. 

Enjoy the authentic Estancia lifestyle at Rincon del Socorro, while looking out for its vast wildlife.
A rectangular pool sits within a red-brick deck, where sun loungers and white umbrellas stand.
Rincon del Socorro has a seating area that overlooks the gardens, boasts armchairs, coffee tables, and cosy sofas.
Rincon del Socorro has a down-to-earth aesthetic in its bedrooms, with a double bed surrounded by wooden furniture.
Rincon del Socorro has a down-to-earth aesthetic in its bedrooms, with a double bed surrounded by wooden furniture.
The living room at Rincon del Socorro has sofas in a horseshoe formation, all directed towards a cast iron fireplace and wooden bookcases.
A table with white cloth is laid out in the lawn as the sun is setting.
A table is laid out for fine dining, with two glasses of wine and neatly presented cuisine.
A Capybara is walking on the lawn in front of the hotel' sing.

On the doorstep of this exclusive retreat is an abundance of wildlife, offering intimate encounters including, but not limited to, capybaras, alligators and 350 species of vibrant exotic birds. This stay is perfect for animal lovers, as the Estancia has worked hard toward the reintroduction of struggling species into its surrounding landscapes. Its nearby laguna also provides a thriving habitat for Argentinian aviary communities, and organized birdwatching experiences guide you to species such as the yellow cardinal or crowned eagle. Rincon del Socorro is far from the fast movements of urban life, offering you a gateway to an exciting world of natural liveliness. 

The surrealness of such a curious landscape provides for otherworldly sightseeing trips. Evening sunsets reveal a colorful display of reflections amongst the watery grounds, whilst an early morning rise brings a symphony of birdsongs amongst the ancient trees and indigenous flora within Estancia’s on-site garden. You are offered the wisdom of hotel guides, as highly personalized hospitality allows you to transform your trip into a highly-informed spectacle of Argentinian natural environments.

Four people are horseriding across a green field.
In the ocean is a small motorised boat, with people sitting and watching the sun set on the horizon.

The Hotel

A few rooms in the main house and three larger bungalows around 50-m away make for an intimate and peaceful stay at Rincon del Socorro. A stripped-back luxury characterizes each room, as a neutral color palette and fine-wood furnishings match the sweeping sepia wetlands outside your door. The style of a 19th-century Spanish Estancia is preserved throughout your stay, with sleek wooden ceilings and old-fashioned tiled flooring making your down time feel remarkably relaxed and homely. All rooms are especially spacious, as most have a separate living area, and comfortable bedding and seating accompany your extraordinary wetland adventure with a soft landing.


Plenty of comfortable indoor spaces accommodate that time spent winding down, whether the weather be cold or hot, as an indoor library and boardgame area keep you toasty whilst a spacious veranda immerses you into Argentina’s relaxing sunshine.

Palms and emerald green surround a large outdoor pool, as sun loungers provide for an ideal afternoon soaking up the glimmering sun. 


You may choose between an indoor or outdoor dining experience, but either assures you with a classic Spanish style alongside delicious traditional cuisine masterfully executed by a professional chef. Free-range meats, organic vegetables, homemade bread, pasta and pastries are the foundation of any meal, as bursting flavors accent an array of dishes from breakfast until dinner.

A BBQ hut provides for the perfect summer evening, as famous Argentine “asados” accompany a delicious local fine wine beautifully.

How this hotel makes your trip more responsible

This Estancia was built upon the principle of protecting wildlife and natural habitats, as it was acquired by Douglas Tompkins in 2001, a famous American conservational. Impressive rewilding efforts have derived from Tompkins’ association with Rincon del Socorro, reintroducing locally extinct fauna and flora into its surrounding environments. Giant anteaters, pampas deer and peccaries have already been returned to this area. On top of this, on-site organic gardens work towards preserving ethical sourcing and a low impact on Argentinian wilderness. 

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