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The gateway to your Ugandan itinerary, lined with colourful trees and friendly faces.

Entebbe is your gateway into Uganda, having the only international airport in the country this is where you will catch your flights in and out of the country as well as to your local destinations. Most people will travel through here at the beginning or end of your trip and connecting is the main reason to be in Entebbe. However, don’t let that make you think there isn’t lots to do here!

 A safari-goer might want a quick stop to hop in and out of the bustle as soon as possible. However, this colourful town has an appeal that can offer more to any itinerary.

 This town has an old colonial feel with many buildings still around from that era. This makes for some interesting architecture as well as some great attractions, such as the beautiful Botanical Gardens and the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre (also known as Entebbe Zoo).

 The alluring town is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, creating the perfect setting for some romantic sundowner cruises, boat trips deep into Mabamba Swamp to catch a glimpse of the endangered Shoebill stork, or a trip to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary! All making for a fantastic birding location for any interested.

 With some lovely guesthouses ranging from basic to chic there is something for everyone. Enjoy a wide range of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants there is something for everyone to enjoy this lovely town.

 For those with more time it’s easy to venture into Kampala for some more cultural history or fantastic cuisine and to see some more of the city!

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When To Go

Entebbe is a year-round destination, with it getting cooler in the rainy seasons around April & May. Every Friday there is a great craft market with a mixture of local crafts and some from further afield to help fill your suitcases! There’s always live music and arts events throughout the year so do check with your consultant what might be on when you’re travelling.

 Climatically, Entebbe is steady throughout the year. Due to the towns location on the shores of Lake Victoria there is rain throughout the year, it typically rains overnight with calmer mornings and the winds picking up in the afternoon.  

Featured Holidays

Take a few days on arrival to get over your long journey and enjoy some of the activities in this area. Stay at the lovely Boma Guesthouse, surrounded by lush gardens, take a dip in the cooling swimming pool on the hot afternoon. Ideally located just a short ten minutes from the airport and right by the shores of Lake Victoria. Perhaps visit the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Centre with the behind the scenes tour, a great way to see some animals up close and learn about some of the good work going on around Uganda. In the evening catch a sunset cruise on Lake Victoria, maybe you’ll get lucky and see some otters returning to the swamps for their evening rest as you sip your G&T whilst enjoying some delectable snacks. A brilliant start or end to any Uganda itinerary.

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