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We want to share our love for luxury travel

Are you looking to work with a team that has a creative atmosphere, is spread across the globe, tech-savvy and is results driven? 

You may work from wherever you are most productive.

It’s not about what time you arrive in the office or who sends the most emails at 2am. Output is what matters and you’ll need to produce work to the highest standards expected of everyone.

You can call, email, or message anybody in the company and ask any questions you like.

Our Core Values

1. Express Yourself

Be candid and direct. Voice your opinion or ideas. Respect your team and only say things you'd say to their face. Be open and honest. Have integrity and confidence to be yourself at work.

2. Work Smart

We reward results, not how long you spend at your desk or how many meetings you attend. Measure yourself on how much, how quickly and how well you get work done, especially under deadlines. Work in a way that gets the highest performance out of yourself.

3. In It Together

We are an international company, in different locations, time-zones and teams, but we all work towards the same goals and hold the same values. Use your talents and contribute to other teams, projects and goals. Don't be afraid to get involved outside your job description. Don't worry about making mistakes. Realise quickly and we will learn from it together.

Our One Rule

Always act in the best interests of the company, our clients and your colleagues.

Our Story

At Wayfairer, we want to share our love for luxury travel with an emphasis on responsible and authentic experiences. Watch our video below to find out more about us, our values and why you should work here.

Our Workplace

Our Head Office is based in Bristol, UK.

However, our current team have alternative office space or are homeworking in Bangkok Thailand, Kampala Uganda, Italy, USA, throughout England, Germany, Spain, Wales and Kenya.

New offices are due to open in 2022 in London and Kampala.

Imagine working with views like these?

Current Vacancies

Click on the links below or contact us to view and discuss our current live job vacancies 

Trainee Africa Travel Specialist

Luxury Travel Concierge

Luxury Africa Travel Sales Consultant

Work Experience, Placements & Internships

Whilst we don't actively advertise regularly for these, we 100% welcome applications. We understand your requirements will be very unique, but we are always open to it.

Email [email protected] with your CV and a covering letter, explaining what you are looking for and why we should hire you.

Latest News

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