How you can get involved with a small charity on Kenya’s coast with a monumental impact 


Wayfairer supports a small charity called Love Ur Neighbour, whose main projects are based in a village called Bungu, in Kilifi County, on Kenya’s coast near Mombasa. Wayfairer co-founder Tom, and his wife Rebecca met Ruth and Lox in West Wales, where they live. Through church-based charity work, Welsh-born Ruth met and married Lox, a Kenyan from a small village. Lox knows first-hand what it is like growing up in a large family, in poverty and how disadvantaged people with disabilities are. He wanted to make a difference so together with Ruth, they have grown Love Ur Neighbour with a strong focus on empowering people with disabilities through mobility aids.

Love Ur Neighbour are also passionate about reducing rates of teenage pregnancies, which fuels a poverty cycle of girls being uneducated and unemployed. They also try to tackle a reliance on witchcraft, which keeps people living in fear and making decisions that might not be in the best interest of their family.

Love Ur Neighbour

Love Ur Neighbour

What Projects does Love Ur Neighbour Run?

Containers of Hope

They ship huge quantities of mobility aids, be that zimmer frames, wheelchairs, ramps, crutches, and hospital beds and chairs suitable for people with reduced mobility. The sad reality for many with disabilities in Kenya is that their families are ashamed of them and they are not allowed to leave their houses. Love Ur Neighbour is working on breaking down this social taboo and making it possible for those with disabilities to go to school and move about their community. This project is made possible through partnership with a community interest company based in North Pembrokeshire, West Wales, called Clynfyw Care Farm

Girl Whispers

Girls Whispers is a project enabling girls to stay in school, despite their menstrual cycle. Many girls cannot afford sanitary products and stay home up to 5 days every month, missing enough school that their grades suffer and eventually, many drop out. Others sell their bodies, in desperation, to afford sanitary products, but then fall pregnant and drop out. Love Ur Neighbour want every girl to have the opportunity to finish school. Every term, they host an event for girls from local schools to give them sanitary towels for the term. During these events they also teach them about women’s health and hygiene, as well as their value.

Ruth and Local Volunteer at a Girl Whisphers Term Event

Ruth and Local Volunteer at a Girl Whisphers Term Event

The Goat Bank

The Goat Bank is a particularly exciting project. At their centre, they have invested in numerous goats which they can give as a loan to families in need. When the goat breeds and the kid is ready to leave its mother, they give the goat kid back to repay their loan. It costs just £20 to buy a goat for the Goat Bank and you can choose the name of your goat if you’d like. This is a simple but incredible method of changing lives and livelihoods of many families.

The Joshua Generation & Prayer Hut

At their newly built centre in Kivuli Kijijini, Love Ur Neighbour run the Joshua Generation project, giving children and young people a chance to hear about God and grow in their faith. They are taught through dance, play, games and have a much needed opportunity to open up about the struggles they face. The Prayer Hut is open to the entire community as a safe place to worship.

Little Angel’s Sponsorship

The Little Angel’s Sponsorship Program in Kibera slum, Nairobi, gives children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to go to school through sponsorship.

Do you like the sound of these projects and want to get involved yourself?

  •  Donate from afar –

Click here to donate directly through their website or tell your consultant or our concierge that you’d like to add a specific donation to your next Wayfairer holiday. We can tell you exactly what your money will buy.

  •  Volunteer in Kenya with Love Ur Neighbour –

They offer a tailor made experience for you to volunteer at their centre Kivuli Kijijini. You can join them on their annual service trips which run for 2 weeks, generally at Easter time. Or, you can choose when and for how long you would like to volunteer for as there is always plenty of work to do, they will give you an opportunity to put your talents to work.

Enquire Now with us to plan your next safari to Kenya and include voluntary work with Love Ur Neighbour, or know that your next trip with Wayfairer automatically supports their work.

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