Tour Hiroshima, Japan, a city that has risen from the ashes whilst remembering its tragic past

We recommend visiting Hiroshima's “floating” Torii Gate, preferably by boat

Hiroshima, once synonymous with WWII devastation, has transformed into a vibrant city with modern attractions. Today, it’s vibrant and modern, with Miyajima Island (home of the famous “floating” torii gate) just a short ferry ride away. Itsukushima Shrine, deer sightings, and Mount Misen's panoramic views and monkeys add to the island's charm.

But, the city hasn’t forgotten its tragic past, and there are poignant reminders of the bomb attack at the A-Bomb Dome, where you can see the preserved bombshell, as well as the eternal flame at the Peace Park and Museum.

The city offers diverse activities, from cheering on the Hiroshima Carp (local baseball team) at MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium to strolling in Shukkei-en Garden and exploring the reconstructed Hiroshima Castle. The castle stands as a symbol of resilience.

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Hiroshima captivates history enthusiasts, animal lovers, and aficionados of Japanese culture alike. Whether you're drawn to revisit its tumultuous history at the A-Bomb Dome, where you'll find the preserved bombshell, or to be enchanted by the deer and monkeys on Miyajima Island, Hiroshima offers a diverse array of experiences for every interest.


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