Balancing breath-taking natural beauty with a sophisticated safari charm

As soon as you set foot on the camp, you’ll be greeted by your guide. They’ll be able to safely lead you through the rainforest on any hikes or excursions and organise all the activities you want to do.

And in this jungle paradise, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Nestled within the rainforest, relax in luxury at Nayara Tented Camp

Whether it’s white-water rafting on the Sarapiqui River and trekking the Arenal Volcano or looking out for hummingbirds, multi-coloured frogs, and any other spectacular species that inhabit the rainforest, the staff here are knowledgeable and attentive to all your needs. And it makes sense they know what they were doing; it was one of Central America’s first luxury tented camps. And when it comes to glamping, it doesn’t get any grander than this.

Across the camp, you’ll find 21 luxury tents that are all spacious and secluded in design. Twelve of them are mirror-image tents linked together to create a two-bedroom unit. So, this is perfect for a pair of partners or a couple and up to four children. Without a doubt, though, the most amazing part of the camp is the luxurious private tents. Here, you’ll get a staggering vantage point of the volcano - a breathtaking sight to wake up to. But every tent here has a lovely laidback terrace and access to the camp’s signature plunge pool. So, enjoy the natural hot springs from high above the canopy or head out and adventure into the forest below; there’s no wrong way to spend your time here.

But whatever you choose to do, waking up to these stunning views - not to mention strolling to breakfast to a soundtrack of parrots, monkeys, and the other forest locals - is worth the price of admission alone. Simply put, it’s experiences like this you’ll never forget. 


The Camp

Each standard tent is air-conditioned and decorated in a laid-back safari style. You’ll also find a comfortable terrace to relax on, one spacious bathtub and a powerful outdoor shower.

The family rooms can house six and offer the ultimate treehouse fantasy. Your two tents are connected to a large outdoor living space and the oversized plunge pool. Stay here, and you’ll also enjoy a breathtaking cliff-top perch above the rainforest.

The vast and impressive Casa Paloma and Casa Dana private residences can host up to 12 guests. And along with the spring-water-powered pool, you’ll also have your fire pit. Fitting, considering your private terrace perfectly overlooks Arenal’s once-fiery volcano.


Upon arrival, enjoy complimentary fresh local fruit and a thirst-quenching cocktail. And then, once you’ve settled and decided whether or not to connect to the free WI-FI, take your pick from a variety of complimentary activities and excursions. These include everything from daily yoga to weekly bird watching. 

The Dining

Breakfast comes a la carte on the terrace, and there’s a good selection of bars and restaurants - all fit every palate and dietary requirement. Adults can also enjoy wine pairing and coffee roasting experiences - plus a wealth of refreshing, signature cocktails.

How this camp makes your trip more responsible

There’s no ‘greenwashing’ behind the ethos of Nayara Tented Camp, and the team is fully committed to taking actionable steps towards responsible tourism. As you slowly stroll through the surrounding forest, you'll appreciate the enormous reforestation work done; it’s taken the team many years of painstaking reforestation to bring this leafy forest back to life - and they’ll continue to do so. At Wayfairer, we believe this luscious jungle refuge raises the bar on modern eco-tourism. Very much in line with our own ethics around leaving nature in a better place than when we found it, Nayara Tented Camp is one of the flag-bearers for the long-term conservation of Costa Rica’s rainforests.

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