Indulge in the intrinsic harmony of cultural Kyoto in the comfort of the Mitsui’s expert luxury and elegant accommodation 

Whilst the Mitsui Kyoto was only recently built, the revered hotel is situated on the grounds of a former residence of the notable Mitsui family. Resounding with history and prestige, the Mitsui Kyoto fuses traditional Japanese elegance with modern luxury, sleeping its guests in the heart of Kyoto.  

Indulge in the intrinsic harmony of cultural Kyoto in the comfort of Hotel The Mitsui.
The Mitsui Hotel's garden has a pond with stones, trees and a blue sky.
The lounge at The Mitsui in Kyoto has a high ceiling, lots of seating, open-floor plan and a plant in the middle of the room.
The Mitsui lounge has low, brown chairs, lanterns and a pond.
The Mitsui's reception has a lot of open space with an art fixture in the middle.
The entrance to The Mitsui is a traditional design with a porchway.
The presidential suite at The Mitsui Hotel has a king-size bed and floor-to-ceiling windows.
The living room in the presidential suite has floor-to-ceiling windows, lots of seating and lighting.
The Mitsui Onsen Suite Room has two twin beds and an outdoor area.
The Mitsui's presidential suite bathroom has a sink, a vanity area with a chair, and an enormous marble bath.
The bar and lounge at The Mitsui has low-lighting, long tables and views into the garden.
The Mitsui restaurant has a contemporary design, with tall ceilings, long rows of tables and lantern lights.
A chef is preparing desert at The Mitsui Hotel.
A server in traditional Japanese dress is serving desserts.
The kaiseki food at The Mitsui looks like a piece of artwork.
Breakfast at The Mitsui is served on a tray in little boxes.
The library at The Mitsui Hotel has rows of books, low tables, arm chairs and sofas.

Paying homage to its heritage, the Mitsui has carefully reconstructed a part of the former residence, naming it the Shiki-no-Ma. It is as though the past lives of the Mitsui family echo around the stylish hotel, inviting you to encounter a sincerely intimate part of Kyoto’s history.  

The Mitsui Kyoto Centre is a pretty garden accented by seasonal Japanese flora. Depending on when you visit Japan, your relaxed wanders in the garden are complemented by the pink of sakura cherry blossoms or the warm orange of autumn leaves. 

Embracing the uniqueness of its location, the Mitsui captures the thriving culture of Kyoto and inspires its guests to stride into Japan’s cultural heart. An array of excursions and activities are offered by the hotel to tantalise your love for travel, ranging from insightful tours to immersive art experiences and yoga classes.  

The Mitsui Hotel treatment room is a wooden space with orange lighting, a single table and chair.
Two women are sitting at a wooden table on an outdoor balcony overlooking a green wilderness.

The Hotel

Serenity oozes from the walls of the Mitsui Kyoto. Its low-rise architecture welcomes you into its elegant spaces, where a refined style of modern luxury fuses with traditional artwork. The 250-year heritage of the hotel is reflected through its artisanal style, diverging from complete minimalism through its choice of textiles and décor.  

The Mitsui offers 161 rooms, each with its own distinct flavour, allowing you to personalise your stay in Kyoto. The accommodations take inspiration from traditional Japanese teahouses and are accented by expensive silk, and walnut furnishings and splashes of muted colours. 


Inner peace is easily accessed during a stay in the Mitsui Kyoto, as a gentle ambience washes through its communal spaces. However, the hotel’s state-of-the-art Spa brings something more than this.  

Accessing the mind, body and soul, Mitsui’s expansive spa utilises treatments focused on the Ying/Tang balance and the five elements, pulling inspiration from traditional Japanese Amma Massage.  

Included in this experience is the hotel’s gorgeous thermal spring, which is nestled 1000m below your room. Discover the meaning of calm, dipping into the natural onsen pool, in the company of the ones you love.  


The dining experience at Hotel the Mitsui Kyoto reflects the diversity of Kyoto’s culinary offerings, as the hotel clearly champions its surrounding communities. Indulgent breakfasts begin every day at the Mitsui, amalgamating a range of colourful, fresh ingredients. 

Celebrating the beauty of its Japanese garden, the Mitsui offers fine wines and nibbles in its Garden Bar, where candlelight and soft music accommodate romantic evenings.  

Nourishing you during your stay in the hotel, two restaurants offer a taste of home for those travelling from Europe. “Forni” is an Italian restaurant, whilst “Toki” offers a fusion of regional Japanese and French cuisine. Enjoy the innovative takes on food brought by Mitsui’s head chef Asano.    

How this hotel makes your trip more responsible

The Mitsui Kyoto is passionate about people, making efforts toward ethical employment and welcoming authentic Japanese culture into its doorways. The hotel bears its legacy proudly, retaining some of its original features and teaching its guests the history of the Mitsui family. 

The hotel is especially focused on food sustainability, developing its own restaurant promotion with “BROWN RICE”, an organic restaurant in Tokyo. From this collaboration, Hotel the Mitsui has developed its own organic vegan afternoon tea, focusing on sustainable sourcing.  

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