Don't dream Argentina - see it with this one-week Argentina itinerary!

A one-week Argentina itinerary might seem impossible when trying to capture the country's free spirit. But by utilising our Luxury Travel Specialists' expertise, we have created a varied itinerary for those with limited time to explore. Start in Buenos Aires’ Palermo, exploring its culture and architecture and savouring local delights. Then venture into breathtaking landscapes – Humahuaca Gorge’s mountains, Salinas Grandes’ vast expanses, and Route 40’s desert beauty, the country’s tender heart.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to create your dream itinerary, your way! 

What's Included:

  • All meals mentioned in the itinerary
  • All transfers - private and shared
  • Snacks and water in vehicles as mentioned
  • All shows & tour admissions mentioned in the itinerary
  • English speaking guide

Trip Itinerary

Buenos Aires has some colourful streets, with green, red and blue buildings.

Days 1 - 2: Buenos Aires

Day 1 - Arrival in Buenos Aires

Your one-week Argentina itinerary begins at Ezeiza International Airport, where you'll be warmly greeted by a Wayfairer representative. A smooth-running transfer in a private, luxury vehicle with a friendly English-speaking guide brings you to your first hotel stay in beautiful Palermo – Casa Sur Palermo, a city hotel surrounded by premier restaurants and boasting the best terrace in town.

Large animated figurines of humans are standing on a balcony of a multi-coloured building in La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Day 2 - Discovering Buenos Aires

After a delightful breakfast, explore Palermo's charming streets and modern amenities. Transition to the aristocratic Recoleta District, marvelling at historical landmarks and the renowned Recoleta Cemetery. Visit the financial hub, "la city," with its architectural gems, leading to the picturesque Puerto Madero district. San Telmo offers traditional charm and vibrant markets, while La Boca showcases the birthplace of tango amid colourful houses.

In the evening, immerse yourself in Buenos Aires' tango culture with a thrilling show in an authentic venue. Learn about the dance's significance and enjoy a three-course dinner, fine wine, and soothing music, reliving the passion of the Gardel era.

A group of four are sitting on the dry grass overlooking the multi-coloured mountains in Humahuaca.

Day 3: Purmamarca

Day 3 – Exploring the majesty of Humahuaca Gorge

Indulge in a hearty breakfast before embarking on a private transfer and domestic flight. Upon arriving at the airport, a friendly representative ensures your comfortable journey to the stunning Purmamarca, where you’ll stay at El Mananatial del Silencio.

Explore the captivating colours of the Humahuaca Gorge, with its vibrant red and orange tones. Your guide immerses you in the local atmosphere, featuring a charismatic food market, the scenic sacred garden of Cardones, and the impressive Pre-Inca fortress, Pukara of Tilcara, before returning to Salta.

The streets at Purmamarca are lined with orange buildings that have colourful stalls selling local crafts.

Days 4 - 5: Salta

Day 4 - Visit Salinas Grandes salt flats

No one-week Argentina itinerary would be complete without a journey along the iconic "Train to the Clouds". Here, you'll ascend to 4,200 meters above sea level, connecting Argentina with Chile. Then explore the dusty streets of Purmamarca, nestled at the foothills of the "Seven Colours Hill," a natural masterpiece with vibrant hues and local craftsmen selling hand-woven pieces.

Continue to the Salinas Grandes salt flats, a barren yet beautiful area spanning 212 square kilometres of celestial white. Take playful photographs and visit nearby artisanal stands. 

Wrap up your day with a visit to the remote mining town, San Antonio de los Cobres. Enjoy a quiet wander through the town, and savour lunch at a welcoming family-run restaurant before retiring for the day at Hotel Legado Mitico Salta.

A man in a red coat is walking across Salinas Grande Salt Flats' white terrain, and he's reflected in a turquoise pool.

Day 5 – Touring the beauty of Salta City

Explore Salta's rich history on a captivating city tour, from its founding in 1582 to the present day. You are introduced to the architectural intrigue of Salta, from the legacy of the central nine de Julio Square to the stunning pink façade of the Cathedral de Salta.

Discover ancient Inca artefacts at the Museo Arqueológico de Alta Montaña (MAAM) and experience Argentina's neoclassical beauty at the Iglesia San Francisco. Optionally, end your day with a Cable ride to San Bernardo Hill, where phenomenal panoramic views of Salta City are revealed.

A cable car above Salta city.

Day 6: Cachi

Day 6 – The Scenic Road to Cachi

After a tasty hotel breakfast, embark on a journey through one of Argentina’s most spectacular routes from Salta to Cachi. Marvel at the diverse landscapes—lush Yungas jungle turns into arid Calchaquí Valley. Wind through mountain roads to Paso Piedra de Molinos, spotting Andean Condors along the way.

Encounter Argentina's unique biodiversity, from guanacos to wild burros and endless Cardones in the sepia desert. The red-sanded solitude is genuinely mesmerizing. Finally, soak in the colonial charm of Cachi Village and connect with the locals who live in the tranquil Argentinian desert, before spending the night at La Merced del Alto Hotel.

A car mirror is reflecting the red-coloured mountains in Cafayate.

Days 7 - 8: Cafayate

Day 7 – Route 40 & The Magic of El Cafayate

Start the day with a hotel breakfast, then depart on an astonishing drive along the iconic Route 40, one of the longest roads in the world. Roll down the windows and enjoy diverse scenery, from striking desert terrain to small ranches, vineyards, and colossal limestone mountains.

Arrive in Cafayate, Argentina’s wine country, known for fertile soil and skilled winemaking. Taste the Torronte, a local white varietal, and stay at Patios de Cafayate, with stunning vineyard views of Calchaqui Valley.

A group of people are standing in the middle of the red-brown-coloured Conchas Gorge in Argentina.

Day 8 – Exploring the Conchas’ Gorge Before Saying Goodbye

Enjoy your last breakfast in Argentina before embarking on a smooth transfer back to Salta.

On the way, visit the Conchas’ Gorge, a 70-kilometre geological marvel shaped over 50 million years. Wonder at its colourful mountains and its prehistoric natural history.

Afterwards, your Argentinian escapade has come to a close; cherish the memories and head to Buenos Aires for your departure flight home.

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