An intricate web of culture collides with natural beauty in Hokkaido.

A view from an observatory at Ōkurayama Ski Jump Stadium in Hokkaido.
Luscious national parks, winter sports havens and picturesque cities define this unique Japanese island.

Wilderness and intriguing cultural heritage marries on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido. A cooler climate distinguishes Hokkaido’s mesmerising landscapes, where a peculiar yet calming ambience presides. Being the least-developed of Japan’s four main islands, Hokkaido introduces tranquillity to your fabulous holiday in Japan.

Culture runs deep in Hokkaido, rooted in the distant yet prestigious Jomon period. The influence of the indigenous Ainu people is felt heavily throughout Hokkaido, and they still inhabit the island today. Visit an Ainu museum or a Jomon archaeological site to learn about Hokkaido’s cultural shaping.

Adventure travellers flock to Hokkaido’s dramatic wintry landscapes. Niseko, Tomamu and Rusutsu are popular for their striking, mountainous topography, where skiers and snowboarders glide along powdery snow. Meanwhile, emerald flourishes along Hokkaido’s hot spring resorts and lavender fields. Depending on when you travel to Hokkaido, the island’s intrinsic beauty varies in its colour palette, always crowned by sparkling, cerulean lakes like Kussharo or Mashu.

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