Adventure and exhilaration, where the rapids and the rainforest meet

Whichever route you take, the journey to this remote rainforest haven is incredibly special.

Relax in this luxurious lodge in the heart of the jungle where the rapids meet the rainforest

Accessing Pacuare Lodge is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Take to the Río Pacuare’s world-class rapids and raft into a luxury jungle paradise. For those looking for a lighter option, climb into a 4X4, and from Bajo De Tigre, complete with dramatic mountain views, journey in on a hanging cable car suspended 100 meters above the ground.

Either way, a well-deserved cocktail awaits guests upon arrival.

Pacuare Lodge’s location, perfectly placed on the banks of Río Pacuare and neighbouring El Tesorito Creek, makes it a paradise for water lovers and adventure travellers. Those daring enough are challenged to scale the narrow gorge’s 100ft rockface, descend cascading waterfalls, slide along cables and swing through the jungle thickets like a spider monkey.

Various options for local hike also surround the lodge. Day bags well-equipped with swimmers, hike towards the legendary Sendero de la Mulas (mule trail), which is well worth the challenge. Walking around Pacuare always takes a little longer, as local inhabitants make themselves known. The red-throated ant-tanager and black-cheeked woodpecker are just two of the 630 resident birds. At the end of the trail, cool off and relax with a refreshing dip in the natural pool framed by the sound of the areas flowing waterfalls.

A visit to Pacuare Lodge wouldn’t be complete without a spellbinding voyage to El Nido (The Nest). Start this dazzling excursion by gliding down a 130-metre cable to The Nest, a forest platform perched high in the branches of the sacred Ceiba tree. Upon arrival, lunch will be set up, ready to enjoy from above the rainforest floor.

Pacuare is the epitome of enchantment. But it's the little touches you’ll find around the lodge that set its laid-back, sophisticated tone. The hardwood foundations are decorated with colourful art pieces from the local Cabécar tribe. And the light illuminated by the lodge’s lamps and chandeliers is replaced by atmospheric candlelight in the evenings. At Pacuare Lodge, even a stroll around the halls evokes enchantment.


The Lodge

This attractive eco-lodge has 20 luxurious suites to choose from. It doesn't get much better than the Jaguar Lodge for complete tropical immersion. It’s a stylish and sensory experience that makes guests feel like they are camping outside without sacrificing creature comforts. Opt for the Canopy Villa to admire 360-degree rainforest views; life in the treetops couldn’t get any comfier. Unwind to the sounds of the flowing Rio Pacuare and rest in either the lovely Linda Vista Villas or the private River View Suites – equally stunning. Finally, the Garden Suites provide remote rainforest seclusion. A place to recline in a hammock and listen to the sound of the natural world as life slowly slips by. Bliss!


Pacuare Lodge has a fantastic restaurant (plant-based menu included), concierge service, bar, garden, year-round outdoor pool, spa, and terrace. Wi-Fi and charging stations can be found in the communal area for those needing to reconnect. But that’s just for starters. A stay at this lovely remote retreat also includes ziplining, guided hikes, birdwatching, trips into the Cabécar community and sustainability tours. So, any appetite for adventure will certainly be sated here. 


Honest, local fare is the order of the day at the Pacuare Lodge. The talented chefs - comprised of young chefs from the community who love to cook - fuse Costa Rican classics with more exotic flavour combinations. Fresh, organic, and locally grown, the kitchen at Nairi Awari serves memorable meals from an ever-evolving menu, all against the spectacular backdrop of its surrounding rainforest - rain or shine.

How this resort makes your trip more responsible

When Pacuare Lodge proudly states that its priority is preserving the land and culture of this protected region, we believe them. The lodge was built with minimal impact on the surrounding forest or river. In fact, no trees were cut to construct the lodge and its various suites; instead, the buildings use lumber from a reforestation project run by small local farmers. What’s more, Pacuare Lodge has purchased 340 hectares (840 acres) of primary rainforest along the Río Pacuare to protect the local ecosystem and offset the atmospheric carbon created by its vehicles. When it comes to responsible tourism, Pacuare Lodge practises what it preaches.

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