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My favourite time to visit Madagascar is from September to November, when baby lemurs are born, and the wildlife becomes very active. You can catch the migrating humpback whales returning to Antarctica in September, then head into the spectacular rainforests, popping with purple jacarandas, to see reptiles, tenrecs, fossas and adorable lemurs.

Vernon Cameron
Vernon Cameron Luxury Travel Specialist

When is the best time to visit Madagascar?

As the fourth largest island in the world and a biodiversity hotspot, Madagascar is an unforgettable vacation destination, featuring warm temperatures and sunny skies. It’s best visited between April and December when the weather is drier, and there’s something different to see every month.

A white beach with a single boat on the sand and a glistening ocean beyond.

January to March experiences heavy rainfall and possible cyclones, and we advise against travelling to Madagascar during this period. Shorter showers last from April to June, however, the rains have illuminated the island as a lush rainforest paradise for the endemic wildlife.

From July until December, the 5,000 kilometres of beautiful coastline are blessed with cool sea breezes and blue skies; perfect for snorkelling and watching humpback whales arriving to breed in warmer waters from July to September.

The best time to explore the biodiversity in Madagascar is from September until the end of the year, as many flowers are in bloom, the rainforests are cooler, and the dramatic peaks of the north are waiting to be explored. Madagascar's famous lemurs will have their babies in tow from September, and they are quite active and easy to spot from October to December.

As a near year-round destination (with the exception of the monsoon season), Madagascar’s diverse landscapes offer unique treasures throughout the year.


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