The Ceylon Tea Trails offer up a slice of Sri Lankan history, sprawling across a beautiful portion of Hatton with a devoted appreciation of nature and culture. 

Where the rolling valleys of the Sri Lanka Tea Country reach their most beautiful, the Ceylon Tea Trails Bungalows offer a once-in-a-lifetime stay. Five bungalows are dotted around the shimmering Castlereagh Reservoir, offering a range of lookout points. 

The Ceylon Tea Trails is defined by the rich heritage of the Tea Country
The Norwood Bungalow is warmly lit, with low-slung architecture, surrounded by lush grass.
The Castlereagh Bungalow is surrounded by neatly-landscaped gardens.
The Summerville Bungalow's infinity pool faces a magnificent view of the lake.
The jacuzzi at Castlereagh overlooks a stunning panorama of the lake.
The gardens at Castlereagh Bungalow are draped in delicate flowers. A table and chair perches in the centre.
A bedroom in the Owner's Cottage of Dunkeld Bungalow, dressed in an opulent, old-fashioned design.
One of the suites in Summerville Cottage, adopting a grand colonial style.
A bathroom at the Ceylon Tea Trails, dressed in colourful tiles and equipped with a free-standing bathtub.
The summer house at Norwood Bungalow, overlooking the tea valleys of Hatton.
The veranda in the Owner's Cottage at Dunkeld overlooks a stunning scenery during sunset.
The sheltered patio at Dunkeld Cottage is lit by a gentle log fire during the early evening.

Fusing luxury with authenticity, the Bungalows understand the cultural importance of the Tea Country, providing you with a gateway to its beauty and history.  

The Ceylon Tea Trails Bungalows are steeped in history: they were once tea-planter bungalows, still decorated in the same period furniture. They resonate with the colourful past of Sri Lanka, pulling you back through the country’s colonial timeline.  

At an altitude of 1,250 metres, the hilltop situation of the bungalows brings the most spell-binding panoramic views of Hatton and its surrounding areas. As you proceed on your Sri Lanka tour, the Tea Trails assures you with a breath-taking, scenic stop along the way.  

The emerald plantations which blanket Hatton create a geometrical pattern, a vista which one will never forget, stretching as far as the eye can see. Whilst you soak up this enchanting scenery, the Ceylon Tea Trails have your back, offering sumptuous accommodations, facilities and personal butlers.  

People kayaking in Castlereagh Lake during the mid-daytime.
Afternoon tea is being served by one of the friendly waiters.

The Bungalows

The bungalows are named Norwood, Dunkeld, Summerville, Castlereagh and Tientsin. They each have their own distinct character, ranging in their panoramas, facilities and rooming, but keep consistent in their old-timely luxury. Whilst the Ceylon Tea Trails lacks the lavishness of some other modern hotels in Sri Lanka, there is an unmatched level of serenity which seeps from a stay in one of these bungalows. Each room or suite has its own character, enriched by hand-crafted furnishings and décor draped in elaborate patterns and high-quality fabrics. 


Continue your fabulous Sri Lanka adventure during your stay at the Ceylon Tea Trails, choosing to cycle or hike between mind-blowing Hatton viewpoints. The hotel provides you with all you need to embark on these activities, also welcoming you back to relax amongst their excellent facilities and grounds. All the bungalows offer croquet in their pretty gardens, whilst most of them have outdoor pools also. Relax in the warm indoor spaces, enjoying a book or DVD from the library or even indulging in an in-room spa treatment. You can also step outside of the comfort of your bungalow, heading on outdoor excursions, ranging from kayaking on Castlereagh Lake to cycling round the nearby trails.


The excellent service at the Ceylon Tea Trails extends to the hotel’s culinary offerings. Enjoy traditional Sri Lankan cuisine three times a day, including a three-course lunch and a four-course dinner! Experience the unmatched splendour of tasting fresh, locally sourced ingredients, expertly crafted into delicious dishes. All of this comes with the most beautiful view over Hatton. Treat yourself to a romantic afternoon tea as you gaze over emerald scenes and the mirror-like reservoir. 

How this stay makes your trip more responsible

The Ceylon Tea Trails are intrinsically connected to Sri Lankan culture and Sri Lankan people, following through on this with their sustainability policy. 15% of the company’s profit goes right back into local communities, through the hotel’s partnership with the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation. This is why the Ceylon Trails is one of the best hotels in Sri Lanka – its passion for Sri Lanka is truly palpable and stretches to all areas of its operation.  

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