Discover the incredible wildlife and landscapes of Yala National Park

Explore the beautiful national park and try to spot some incredible animals

Yala National Park is the most popular Sri Lanka national park due to its incredible array of wildlife and diverse habitats. Located in the southeast of the island, the park stretches over 1260 square kilometres. There are two blocks, Ruhuna and Kumana, which can be explored on guided game drives. The vast region stretches to the Indian Ocean and is blanketed in sweeping grasslands, dry forests and salt lakes. Rocky outcrops pepper the landscape, offering excellent vantage points for wildlife spotting.  

A safari in Yala National Park brings you hundreds of elephants as they rumble through the forest, and nearby playful monkeys swing in the treetops. Eagles soar overhead while fan-tailed peacocks preen in the dust. The rare water buffalo grazes at the edge of lagoons, with one eye watching for one-eye-gliding crocodiles. There are wild boar, bush rabbits, herds of white-spotted deer and over 200 bird species to be found. Yala is also the best place to visit in Sri Lanka to see leopards.  

Yala National Park is very popular, drawing large crowds year-round. However, with the sheer size of the park and the knowledge of skilled guides, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find peaceful corners with only wildlife for company. With an incredible range of wildlife populations and fantastic luxury camping facilities, Yala National Park is the perfect destination for a Sri Lanka honeymoon, family vacation or for animal lovers.  

Your Luxury Yala National Park Trip Ideas

Yala National Park is featured on many of our luxury Sri Lanka holidays and is a staple addition to any classic Sri Lanka itinerary. Embark on our Sri Lanka Safari Tour to experience the majesty of Yala alongside an array of other fantastic Sri Lanka national parks and reserves.  

Your Luxury Accommodation Options in Yala National Park

At Yala National Park, we work with the fabulous Chena Huts, a luxury and sustainable Sri Lanka hotel which embraces the pure natural beauty of Yala. This stay elevates any Yala National Park safari with a lavish splash of style and comfort. 

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