Our Mission

At Wayfairer Travel we believe that truly great travel experiences last a lifetime and that as Wayfairer travellers we can make a positive contribution towards sustainable tourism that lasts even longer. We created Wayfairer to share our passion for stylish, adventurous holidays and adventure tours that bring benefits to communities and conservation in the destinations we love. Our passion for travel in emerging destinations inspires us to design ground-breaking adventure travel experiences – sometimes in luxury, always in style – that showcase the difference of the Wayfairer Travel way.

Our UK based team of experienced travel professionals have over 25 years’ industry expertise and we have seen first-hand the positive and negative potential of tourism. It is our core belief that through Wayfairer we are creating an alternative way to travel whereby we can use this knowledge to make a sustainable contribution to a fairer, more responsible world.

Responsible Travel and Tourism

Our founding members have seen firsthand how tourism can impact people and nature both positively and negatively; our commitment at Wayfairer Travel is to do everything we can to create a positive impact that matters! We aim to show you simply and transparently how you can have a richer, more authentic travel experience, which benefits local communities and conservation. For full details of how Wayfairer holidays make a positive impact can be found on your quote.

Our Promise

At Wayfairer Travel we believe that fair pricing of our adventure holidays and tours is important and we want you to travel with us time and again. This fairness means offering you great value for money without compromising on quality or our core commitment to responsible travel experiences and sustainable tourism.

Financial Protection

We understand that one of the most important things our customers want, is to know that their money is safe with us. It’s not just our adventure holidays which are responsible, but our company as a whole.

Wayfairer Travel Ltd. Is a full member of the Travel Trust Association (TTA), our membership number is Q1501. The TTA is a Trade Association composed of Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Tour Organisers.

Through our membership we offer a number of benefits to our customers, most importantly 100% financial protection and piece of mind that your money is safe, from the moment you book to the moment you return back to your home with the holiday blues!

Unlimited Changes

Before you book you’re welcome to play around with your tailor-made holiday itinerary as much as you like to make sure your adventure holiday is exactly the way you want it. We don’t charge a management fee to make these changes, it’s part and parcel of our exceptional tailor-made holiday service. If your plans change after you’ve booked, our friendly and flexible UK team will do everything we can to ensure that your adventure holiday works exactly the way you need it to.

Transparent Pricing

We aim to be as transparent as possible and will even give you a breakdown of your trip costs on request. What’s included and what’s excluded is clearly marked on your tailor-made holiday itinerary, but if you’re not sure about something then be sure to get in touch. We love talking to adventure travel enthusiasts and are committed to offering good surprises.

Lifetime deposits

If you have an emergency, or a sudden change in circumstances, and have to postpone your trip we will always try to keep your deposit with us until you are ready to complete your booking – with no additional fees and no holding charges. If there are no charges from hotels or suppliers, there will be no charges from us.

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Responsible Travel Policy

With over 25 years’ industry experience between our dedicated UK team we came together in 2012 determined to use our knowledge of tourism to create a fairer way to travel. At Wayfairer responsibility and sustainability are at the core of our company values. 

We are continually monitoring the social, economic and environmental impact of our operations to ensure we are at the forefront of a fairer industry: creating new and exciting ideas for the benefit of discerning travellers, the local communities where we work and the natural world that connects us all.

In this way our aim is to promote responsible travel by engaging travellers and communities in the benefits of travelling the Wayfairer way. 

Supporting Local Communities

What we do

At Wayfairer we engage local communities in our travel itineraries and treat local people as stakeholders in our business. This manifests itself in our community tourism initiatives, which can be found across our range of experiences. Look out for these in our full itineraries and key projects are often highlighted in our Why Wayfairer? section on selected experiences.

Our partnership with Pack for a Purpose, a pioneering not for profit organisation, sees us working together to support grassroots local community projects in the destinations where we work. At Wayfairer we encourage the accommodations featured in our experiences to support their local community and accept material donations from Wayfairer travellers to contribute to local projects.

Below are some key highlights of how Wayfairer travel benefits local communities:

  • We employ local guides and support staff who we pay fair wages, often exceeding government standards which we still consider too low, and thereby remove the reliance on tipping for livelihoods.
  • Our accommodation choices make use of locally owned properties where possible and often include adventurous, authentic choices such as local homestays.
  • All Wayfairer experiences that include visits to minority groups do so for the mutual benefit of local people and curious travellers. 

What you can do

We believe that it’s the little things that, when all put together, can make the biggest difference. Through our Pack for a Purpose initiative you can pack vital materials in your luggage and donate them to local community projects by leaving them at partner accommodations on your itinerary.

Prior to your departure we send all Wayfairer travellers the Friends of Conservation Traveller’s Code, which outlines some of the things you can do to make a difference. We have highlighted some of our favourite pieces of advice, as well as some of our own, in the list below:

  • Research local customs and read your Wayfairer trip notes before you depart to ensure you are conscientious and respectful in a different culture.  
  • In most cases we strongly recommend that you do not give money to children beggars. If begging is a successful enterprise, parents are encouraged to forsake their children’s education in pursuit of this opportunity.
  • Talk to us about packing for a purpose and get involved by making a small material contribution to the communities you are visiting.  

Protecting Natural Environments

What we do

To ensure that we are offering ground-breaking itineraries, personally inspected accommodation choices and are up-to-date with all the latest developments our UK staff travel regularly to our destinations. This ‘work’ also leaves a carbon footprint and at Wayfairer we compensate for all our staff travel by donating carbon-mitigating funds to Friends of Conservation

Our UK office takes a leading role in setting the standards for an environmentally friendly work environment. We work with local government to recycle our waste and continually look for new ways to be greener. 

This website represents another key contribution in our strategy to protect the environment. As an online business, using the power of the internet and electronic communication instead of high-street premises and the postal service, we minimise the carbon footprint of our business activities in the UK. 

What you can do

Your contribution towards protecting the environment can be looked at in three stages:

Before you go

  • As you finalise the details of your holiday at the booking stage you will be given the option to share the cost of compensating for your international flights with us 50/50. This is of course a choice that is entirely up to you but it is a small way in which you can mitigate against the impact of your carbon footprint.
  • In your own home before you set off on your adventure you can turn the fridge down, turn off the hot water and unplug all unnecessary electrical items.

On holiday

  • Be careful with your water consumption during your time abroad. Re-use water bottles by refilling them from a safe supply wherever possible.
  • Ensure you don’t litter and be aware that many developing countries do not have a waste collection system.
  • Comply with any environmental policies that your hotel has. If they are making the effort then by complying you are showing your approval and support.
  • Turn off or turn down the heating or air conditioning when you do not need it.
  • Switch off the lights when leaving a room and turn off the television rather than leaving it on standby.

After you return

  • Share your experience with other people and encourage fellow travellers to practice responsible travel.
  • Any useful hints and tips that you have picked up please also share with us to help us as we are always looking to improve.

You can call us now on:

0203 143 4293

(Call us weekdays until 6pm)

Or enquire online and we'll contact you to start planning your tailor-made holiday.

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Wayfairer offers three distinct accommodation styles to suit the diversity of travellers who come to us looking for their perfect holiday. The Accommodation Style Explained tool on the right-hand side describes each one of our Adventure, Boutique and Luxury accommodation styles. The Adventure style is only available for our most adventurous holidays whereas you will find the majority of our experiences are available in our Boutique and Luxury styles.

In some cases, where your itinerary takes you far off the beaten tourist trail, there are accommodations such as natural eco-lodges and local homestays that are used regardless of which accommodation style you select. This reflects our commitment to communities and pioneering projects that we take pride in supporting. If this isn’t for you then remember that the experiences displayed on this website can all be tailor-made to suit your ideas for your perfect holiday.

If there is a particular hotel you love, have stayed in before or that a friend has recommended, ask us and see if our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help book it for you as part of your holiday.

All of Wayfairer’s accommodation selections have been personally inspected and recommended for you by either a member of our UK team or our partners abroad – in many cases by a combination of both. We are committed to listening to our customers and will ask you for feedback on each of your accommodations after your return so we can continue to strive to achieve the highest standards for our travellers. 

We ask you to kindly remember that we can’t control whether a specific hotel will be fully booked so we encourage you to book early, particularly during high-season periods such as Christmas, to avoid disappointment.


Some operators choose to include an ‘assumed’ flight cost with their holidays, giving an overall ‘package’ cost, which is often very misleading, and usually assumes the highest airfare for a destination.

Whilst tour and accommodation prices rarely change from one month to the next, there are huge variations in the cost of flights due to season, availability, departure point, route, and preference of airline. By quoting flights separately we are able to search for discounted fares and special offers, and we believe we are giving all our customers, wherever they live, a more honest price.

All our flights are sold through are trusted partners at Travel Pack, with full ATOL protection for peace of mind. 

Passports and Visas

All destinations require you to have a valid passport with a minimum 6 MONTHS validity remaining AFTER your scheduled departure date. Additionally it is necessary that your passport has at least one clean page and having more than one is recommended.

Travellers will often have to obtain an entry visa to the destinations they are visiting. For the majority of destinations you will be able to get these at airports or overland border crossings. In other cases visas will need to be obtained before leaving your country of residence. Please ask your Fair Travel Specialist for any advice regarding visas - we will also include comprehensive details in your Wayfairer Holiday Pack. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a requirement on all Wayfairer bookings to ensure you have peace of mind when abroad. Your Fair Travel Specialist can recommend our preferred partner if you have not obtained insurance already.

Partners We Work With

Find below a collection of the experienced partners we work with by providing our expertise to compile a list of our favourite luxury holiday destinations and itineraries. 

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You can call us now on:

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(Call us weekdays until 6pm)

Or enquire online and we'll contact you to start planning your tailor-made holiday.

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