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Our specialists reveal the year's best travel destinations and experiences

If you’re wondering where to go on holiday in 2020, we’ve got you covered.

From cultural highlights to family-focused adventures, our picks for 2020 offer something for everybody.

Where: Uganda

Uganda  male mountain gorilla

Why 2020

2020 might just be the year Uganda comes into its own against its better-known neighbours. 2019 saw a host of new flight routes linking the Masai Mara with Entebbe, meaning you can go from game to gorillas in the same day.

Nevertheless, those preferring to stay in-situ will be overwhelmed by Uganda’s biodiversity: its national parks mean guests can view the Big Five, Gorillas, Chimpanzees and iconic birdlife in one safari holiday without ever crossing its borders.

How to experience it 

There are a hundred ways to see Uganda and you still won’t have experienced everything.

Take a boat cruise to see the Nile crocodiles, or go white water rafting at the source of the Nile. Take in Sipi Falls, a beautiful waterfall on the slopes of Mount Elgon, or visit tea and coffee plantations. Hike up volcanoes and, of course, don’t miss the jungle-treks to visit our close cousins: the mountain gorillas.

What we say

Packed with nature, culture, wildlife and stunning scenery, as well as a range of boutique eco-lodges, this incredible little country is waiting to be explored. Uganda is a great example of how responsible tourism can enhance the cultural heritage and preserve natural habitats. Winston Churchill was right when he called Uganda ‘the pearl of Africa

Tom Blakey

Co-Founder and Africa Travel Specialist

Where: Japan

Cycling through bamboo trees in Japan

Why 2020

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will likely be giving everyone a serious case of Wanderlust, as the cameras show off the diversity of Japan’s cities and natural beauty.

Opt to visit Japan in Autumn, when the crowds have dispersed, and indulge in the treasured Japanese pastime of watching the leaves change hue.

How to experience it:

If you’re heading to the cities for the sport, make sure you combine your travels with an authentic homestay. The Olympics are set to celebrate traditional Japanese culture, and there’s no better way than staying with local hosts.

We recommend hiking a section of the newly opened Michinoku Trail, dotted with welcoming homestays. Completed in 2019 to thank the international community for their relief efforts after the Tsunami, the trail traces the scenic Pacific coastline.

What we say

“From its northernmost tip to its southernmost point, Japan is full of endless surprises. Whether you’re walking through Edo-era streets in Kyoto, sampling endless bowls of Ramen in Tokyo, relaxing in a mountain onsen (natural hot spring) or visiting one of the nation’s many beautiful temples, Japan will find a way to surprise, delight, inspire and change you ”

Jason Stephens

CEO and Japan Travel Specialist

Where: Sao Tome & Principe

Sao TOme and principe 2020

Why 2020

Sao Tome & Principe, two island gems off Africa’s West Coast, are set to be the ‘it’ destinations of the New Year. Both are biodiverse wildlife havens, particularly for turtles.

Endangered by poaching, tourism on the island is turning the tide for these precious creatures by offering educational nesting and hatchling guided walks, which contribute to the increasingly successful research and anti-poaching efforts.

On Principe, spot Green Turtle, Leatherback and the Hawksbill nesting, then hop over to Sao Tome to see Olive Ridley's.

How to experience it

Sao Tome & Principe is the perfect half-term break, or it can be easily combined with a Big Five Safari further south. Families are catered to immaculately, and youngsters will love the ‘desert island’ feel of being in truly unchartered territory.

Couples seeking a combination of culture, beach and wildlife will not be disappointed either: the islands feature a long plantation heritage which has now been transformed to offer dignified livelihoods to local communities, from coffee beans to cacao.

What we say

“Under the radar until very recently, the islands emerge from the water as veritable treasure trove of bird, marine and terrestrial wildlife. If you go during turtle nesting season, you’ll stand a great chance of seeing them, as 2,000 more nesting sites were recorded between 2017 and 2018. Just one thing: we can’t promise you’ll ever want to leave… “

Rebecca Perkins

Luxury Travel Specialist

Where: Kenya

Masai warriors kenya

Why 2020

Home to some of the most pioneering community tourism initiatives paving the way for rising wildlife numbers and greater biodiversity, a safari in Kenya is what every conscious holidaymaker dreams of in 2020.

What’s more, towards the end of 2019, regular flight services between the Masai Mara and Entebbe (in Uganda) stepped into full swing, meaning guests can go from game to gorillas in the same day.

How to experience it

A Kenyan safari offers striking contrasts, with snow-capped mountains bordering vast deserts, jungle-rimmed coastlines spilling out onto the sparkling ocean, ancient plunging valleys and thundering waterfalls, and lush forests giving way to harsh plains.

For the ultimate experience, opt for a private flying safari, where low-level flights in a light aircraft will see you snaking through the Great Rift Valley and soaring over the multicoloured Lake Turkana.

What we say

“If you get off the beaten track in Kenya, you will be rewarded with luxurious private lodges, up close wildlife sightings of Africa’s Big 5 and some unique encounters with local tribes. What’s more, with sandy white beaches on the coastline to compliment the adventurous safaris, Kenya is also the perfect honeymoon destination.”

Cat Von Bredow

Luxury Travel Specialist

Where: Botswana

Leopard in Botswana

Why 2020

 2020 is set to be a bumper year in the Okavango Delta, thanks to strong rains in the Angolan highlands last year, which eventually trickle down and feed the Delta. The aqueous landscape offers one-of-a-kind viewings, from elephants practically swimming, to a pair of hippopotamus eyes watching you as you float past on a Mokoro.

How to experience it

Traverse the waters of the Okavango Delta in a mokoro (a dugout canoe), where a plethora of animals come to splash and drink from the endless maze of lily-covered lagoons and gleaming waterways.From this, the largest inland delta in the world, you can reach the largest unbroken stretch of sand on earth.

The Kalahari Desert is a wondrous land of shimmering white salt pans, dazzling blue lakes, golden grasslands and fossil river valleys marked with ancient Baobab trees.

What we say

“Botswana is the King of luxury safaris, with exceptional camps and lodges set on private, game-rich concessions. Wander through untamed wilderness, spotting enormous herds of elephants, while keeping watch for some of Africa’s rarest creatures, from rhinos to wild dogs to the elusive brown hyena. A wildlife wonderland that can be viewed by boat, 4WD, quad-bike, helicopter, or on an intimate walk with the San Bushmen, Botswana is the ultimate off-grid adventure.”

Josh Flatman

Luxury Travel Specialist

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