Read our specialist's blog about the top 6 quick tips for making sure you that you plan the perfect honeymoon.


Planning one of the most important trips in a lifetime is exciting, but can also be a bit overwhelming. Here are some tips we gathered from our experience to help make it a smooth process towards the most romantic and memorable honeymoon.

1. Seek Professional Advice

There are plenty of benefits to using a travel agent to assist on creating the perfect honeymoon. Learn about unique destinations that truly make the honeymoon remarkable. Let the professionals handle the stress of trip planning, and begin to relax before departing. While professional advice never hurts, make sure it is balanced with a bit of at home research

2. Tailor made is the Way to Go

Of course it is exciting to hear about other couples’ honeymoons and be inspired, but doesn’t a trip that is special and personalized sound better? Having a tailor made honeymoon allows for the creation of new exciting stories and is likely to guarantee sweeter memories.

3. Setting a Budget Does Not Mean Setting Limits

There is a world of destinations for honeymooners with budgets of any level and any travel style. Choosing to travel during an off peak season mean couples can enjoy everything on their list at a lower rate; whether it be flights, hotels, or meal costs. This might also be a good opportunity to use those points saved up on credit cards.

4. Spice Up the Trip with a Honeymoon Registry

Another option that can give the trip a boost is a honeymoon registry. This doesn’t necessarily mean asking for funding towards the trip. Donations can come in forms of a cooking class or a bottle of champagne set during dinner. Give friends and family the opportunity to help make the honeymoon special.

5. Beach? City? Mountains? All of the Above?

Determining the pace of the honeymoon can be vital when choosing a destination. More often now, honeymoons are packed with various activities. There are lots of hidden gem destinations that offer exciting city life, clear blue waters, and rich cultures hidden in the mountains that are only within an hour flight away from each other (i.e. Thailand).

6. Stretch the Honeymoon Phase

Longer honeymoons, such as 2-3 weeks, is becoming a popular trend nowadays. Although, this means extra planning and the possibility of not leaving right after the wedding. Having more time allows for an optimal experience, and the ability to accommodate all of the destinations and activities on the bucket list.

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