Just a few weeks ago...

... we were all dreaming of our 2020 holidays. The places we would see, the people we would meet and the memories we would bring back home. The coronavirus outbreak has put many of our holiday dreams on hold.

In such a time, we must all put safety first and be disciplined in thinking about how our actions impact others.

There will be the other side of this and the more responsible we are now, the sooner we will get there.


Rearranging Your Booking

If you have a booking with us that you are thinking about rearranging or cancelling, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to rearrange to a later date and not to cancel.

Your support is extremely important for small travel companies such as Wayfairer and it impacts the entire supply chain in our travel community.

Rearranging your trip gives hope to everyone who benefits from your custom; your boutique lodge, knowledgeable local guide, enthusiastic transfer driver and the smiling face behind the bar.

The benefits of responsible tourism are far reaching and local communities and conservation efforts stand to lose out on the front line from cancellations.


Thank You

Our team is working hard to rearrange all trips departing before 31 July 2020, so due to the volume of emails and calls you might need to bear with us as we work.  

Rest assured that all bookings are being dealt with, giving priority to those departing first.

Your kindness, patience and encouragement has been an inspiration to us all and we thank you. 

We understand that booking trips, especially adventurous and alternative ones such as this can be intimidating, so get in touch; we can take the stress out of your holiday planning and organise a trip you won’t forget!

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