Embark on a fabulous trip to Raiatea, where an intricate cultural web joins with spectacular natural beauty.

Exceptional sundown with beautiful colours and boats in Raiatea Island, French Polynesia.
Taking a boat trip while the sun is setting is a breathtaking experience.

The second largest of French Polynesia’s Society Islands, Raiatea is a fascinating holiday destination steeped in history and culture. Those enthralled by natural beauty gather in Raiatea, its lush, mountainous landscapes inspiring all who come across them. Encased by the glittering blue of the South Pacific, Raiatea captures all that people love about French Polynesia.

Striking a beautiful contrast to its surrounding turquoise, Mount Temehani towers high at the centre of Raiatea, offering mind-blowing views of its tumbling hillsides. The lively population of Raiatea holds an intricate Maohi heritage, represented by Taputapuatea Marae, an ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the fascinating world of Ancient Polynesia when travelling to Raiatea, learning the web of tales which trace the island’s winding Faaroa River and surrounding trails.

Thrilling excursions punctuate a trip to Raiatea with adrenaline, as its pristine beaches make the perfect spot for water sports and sailing. The island is encircled by a beautiful lagoon, a heavenly location for snorkelling and diving amidst vibrant coral reefs, whilst its inland green homes have remarkably unique flora and fauna. A trip to Raiatea feels like a tour of Mother Nature’s most beautiful work.

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