Taking luxurious glamping to mystical new heights  

Monteverde’s Cloud Forest Lodge might feel like a private oasis, but it's only two kilometres away from Monteverde Town, a snug destination perfect for taking a breather after roaming the rainforest. Stop by one of its many cafes and treat yourself to some of the best Costa Rican coffee. Rich, chocolatey and utterly delicious.  

Relax in paradise at Cloud Forest Lodge, which is tucked away within Monteverde's Tropical Cloud forest

You’ll be dining well at the Lodge’s Endémica Restaurant as well. Enjoy a cold, palate-cleansing cocktail and a mouth-watering meal of either meat, fish, or plant-based delights - all in front of some incredible sunset views. Just try not to get too distracted as the light shimmers on the flowers and fauna, or your delicious dinner will get cold. 

The temperature in each of Cloud Forest Lodge’s 24 sumptuous suites is perfectly air-conditioned. And you’ll sleep soundly on a plush pillow-top bed nestled into the finest imported luxurious linen. So, whether you log on to the WI-FI to plan your next adventure or fully disconnect in front of the fireplace and listen to the birdsong, life in the lodge is the place to be.  


The Resort

The Cloud Forest Lodge has 25 suites that are tailor-made for a variety of travellers. 

The Manakin Suites are light, airy, and tastefully decorated with natural hardwood. You can sleep soundly in a comfortable king or queen bed before waking up gently in the room’s spacious solar-heated shower. 

The Euphonia Deluxe Suites are larger and house four guests comfortably, while the Tityra Junior Suites are the biggest. These include a lovely parlour, complete with a comfortable desk, sitting area and a cosy nook to read or just relax in. One feature they all have in common, though, is the dazzling outside terrace. So, slide open the doors, listen to the birdsong, and marvel at the wonder of Monteverde’s tropical cloud forest. It soon makes sense that there’s no TV; you’ll find plenty of enchanting things to watch outside. 


Set off on a guided walk through the lodge’s private 23-hectare nature reserve or spot the wildlife in Cloud Forest Lodge’s Original Canopy Tour. Looking for a more independent adventure? Then pack your poncho and running shoes and experience all of Monteverde's natural treasures for yourself. 


Cloud Forest Lodge isn’t just a great place to stay; it’s considered one of the top restaurants in Santa Elena. Skilfully blending culinary quality with creativity, the team offers an array of authentic Costa Rican, American and European fusion dishes. This includes an impressive plant-based menu too. So, however, you choose to tantalise your tastebuds, you can be sure they’ve got you covered.  

How this resort makes your trip more responsible

Monteverde in Costa Rica is a place of incredible natural beauty. In fact, a hike through its mystical cloud forests can feel a bit like an otherworldly experience. This wasn’t lost on the region’s first settlers, either. Understanding and respecting the area’s biological importance, they created the Monteverde and Santa Elena Reserves. Located within the Bellbird Biological Corridor, Cloud Forest Lodge is a shining example of what the modern eco-lodge can do for the surrounding environment and any wide-eyed traveller who visits it. At Wayfairer, we stand by any organisation that supports the conservation and restoration of Costa Rica’s natural areas and resources. 

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