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A patchwork of the most varied landscapes and wildlife: this is Zimbabwe’s biggest national park.

Stretching over 14,600 km², Hwange is large. To put it into perspective, it’s almost 10x the size of London. With a landscape this broad it can be expected that within the parks’ peripheries there is a bazaar of different types of vegetation, landscapes and animals. Each corner is entirely different to the other.

An embodiment of our ongoing love affair with the wild African safari, this park is so much more than a nature lover’s paradise. Representative of progression and protection, Hwange (pronounced Weng – ee) made a transition from hunting ground to National Park in the early 20th century. It is adored and maintained by both visitors and locals alike.

Journeying into the park you will feel the savannah soak deep into your skin. Boundaries are non-existent here. It will soon be in plain sight, that in wilderness as pure as this, the life comes straight to you.

From your lodging, observe elephants as they tread slowly, methodically past your tent opening. Feel the vibrations of the oscillating call-and-response of the seemingly infinite birds. Let the lion’s distant roar interrupt your evening liaison.

As much as you’ll tap into the untouched nature that surrounds, the nature will tap into you.

As for game drives, the park is pretty unique. Track the big five on foot, by jeep or even refurbished railcar. The Elephant Express takes its travelers 70km between Dete and Ngamo, along the way dualling as a safari trip. Encounter elephant, kudu, wildebeest and various bird species along the way. Watch out for rail disruptions, though… as lions like to make their presence known. Check this out.

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Best times to go to Hwange

The best time to go on wildlife safaris in Hwange National Park is in the middle of the Dry Season (winter), July to October. The waterholes seem to be in constant rush hour, and the thinning vegetation makes viewing easy and clear. However, keen birders would be impressed by the migratory birds in the Wet Season (summer) from November to April.

Zimbabwe Holidays Featuring Bulawayo

On the Eastern side of Hwange, the sandy Kalahari soil meets the lush grass and woodland. A dotted network of teeming waterholes made by conservationists this area that used to be a Royal Hunting Ground now holds natural majesty of its own. Taking refuge in a luxury tented lodge engulfed by the savannah that surrounds is the ideal getaway.  

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