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Zanzibar offers couples as much seclusion or activity as they wish, all set against a backdrop of the glittering Indian Ocean

Zanzibar. Even the name sounds deliciously exotic as it trips off your tongue. It conjures images of idyllic beaches; of sipping coconuts and cocktails by the pool; of the spices that made this island prosper.

Situated off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is a gorgeous location for a beach honeymoon. Or, for newlyweds also wanting to enjoy a safari, easy flights and ferries from the mainland make Zanzibar the perfect pairing with Tanzania or Kenya.

For couples wishing to luxuriate on golden sands and dip their toes in turquoise waters, Zanzibar is unrivalled. But – as any discerning couple will know – there are many places on this beautiful planet where similar honeymoons can be enjoyed. So what makes Zanzibar so irresistibly different?

Thanks to its history as a major trading port, Zanzibar’s capital, Stone Town, developed into a cultural melting pot where African, Arabic, Indian and European influences have interwoven to build striking forts, intricately carved wooden doors, Arabian arches, elegant overhanging balconies and delicate latticed windows. A meander through the streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site town is like a world tour in miniature.

Outside of the town, couples can enjoy visits to spice plantations, where the scents of cinnamon and lemongrass hang delicately in the air, to precious turtle sanctuaries, or to Jozani Forest, where the entertaining Red Colobus Monkeys rule from the treetops.

As for the beaches… well, that’s where Zanzibar truly hits its stride. There’s a property perfect for every couple. Perhaps our overall favourite locations for a romantic honeymoon hideaway are the pristine Pemba Island and Mafia Island, both situated just a short dhow trip away from the mainland. Here, immaculate corals celebrate themselves in multicoloured hues and a diversity of marine life exists in perfect balance with one another: a testament to the marine park protections that have shielded these natural treasures.

Zanzibar truly is an unbeatable honeymoon destination, and that’s saying something.

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