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Mapazi camp is a deliberately simple tented camp offering an authentic camping experience in the wilderness focusing on walking safaris.

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Families with children 15 and over, couples, honeymoons.

Mapazi camp opened in 2018 and is situated in a beautiful location with few roads, on the western bank of the Luangwa River. This camp is owned and privately guided by one of Zambia’s most well-known guides, Deb Tittle. Safe to say you are in good hands when staying at Mapazi.

The camp itself is best described as rustic, but has some comforts making your stay here enjoyable. Mapazi aims to provide an authentic camping experience in one of the remotest parts of Zambia and focuses on walking safaris. Mapazi itself means ‘on foot’ or ‘tracks’ and it truly lives up to its name. Mapazi combines simplicity with a touch of style and comfort and does well to fit right in amongst its beautiful wilderness setting. The camp leaves plenty of room for the nature around it to envelop each guest, making a stay here an authentic experience.

Mapazi consists of 3 walk-in (Meru style) tents each with views overlooking the river. Guests can access the tents from both sides, purposefully constructed this way to allow a through breeze. Deb and her team have worked tirelessly to make sure that your camping experience will be unrivalled as they will go out of their way to create unimaginable wildlife experiences by tracking and getting as close to big game as possible. The real magic of Mapazi is feeling like you are living amongst the wild in a setting that is near untouched.

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The camp

There are just three walk-in tents overlooking the river. Each tent is Meru in style and has an extended layer of canvas which thoughtfully provides a shady veranda. Guests will also find 2 safari chairs and a table outside their tent perfect to sit back and relax taking in the views or to enjoy reading a book in this spectacular setting. Tents are accessible from both sides allowing a constant breeze to flow through each tent. You will find a double or twin bed, some lighting and storage for your belongings inside each tent.

The washing facilities are separate in a small canvas structure a short distance from the tent, and they comprise flush toilet, washbasin, and a shower with hot and cold running water. The camp is mainly for 4 people staying at a time but can be booked for a groups exclusive use. 

Mapazi is a WIFI and phone free camp. All walks are accompanied by an experienced, armed escort scout from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife as safety is paramount when out in the wild. The camp also has a full medical first aid kit and qualified first aiders.


Mapazi has a lot of sausage trees which provide guaranteed shade. It also has a small lounge area, with well-cushioned wood-framed seating which is around a coffee table. The dining area is made up of a table and some safari chairs.


You can expect a morning coffee and a light breakfast which is typically enjoyed on the banks of the Luangwa River as the sun rises. Lunch is served beneath the shade of a Sausage Tree. All guests meet at the Chitenje for tea before departing on an afternoon walk. Dinner is served in the Chitenje, by the campfire or on moonlight banks of the Luangwa.

Why Wayfairer

We are proud to have added Mapazi to our books as it is a camp whose owner believes in the same values as what we do. We love to see sustainable camps. This walking only bush camp suggests a greener ‘less is more’ approach with a lighter carbon footprint. They have done away with all the nice to have luxuries associated with safaris, to specifically focus on getting their guests back to nature without much disturbance to nature or to the wildlife living around them.

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