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River Kwai Jungle Rafts


Honeymoons & Couples

Conceptualized from the authentic Mon way of living from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, River Kwai Jungle Rafts is an eco-friendly floating hotel. This floatel aims to take you back to an uncomplicated way of living amid unspoiled nature. Located on the historical River Kwai, this hotel is based on ecological conservation and runs perfectly without electricity and internet.

Floating since 1976, this resort is perfectly placed on the river, in a tranquil surrounding and emanates a peaceful and simplistic atmosphere. The lantern and candle lit hotel creates a romantic setting perfect for couples in search of luxury honeymoon destinations. The floatel’s ethos is to find your way closer to nature by escaping the fast life and slowing it down to appreciate your natural surroundings.

River Kwai Jungle Rafts consists of floating rooms, made from woven bamboo, teakwood and locally sourced materials. The interior is decorated with the concept of the Mon people’s traditional housing. Slow your life down for a moment and experience the romantic and serene atmosphere, whilst using Kerosene lamps for lighting.

The hotel offers a wide variety of activities for nature lovers, including taking part in helping Thailand’s national animal, the elephant. From witnessing the natural process of elephant bathing to experiencing the charming opportunity to explore the abundant tropical jungle on the back of the enormous animal.

The hotel is also in close distance to crystal clear waterfalls with astounding water cascades. Many various species of fish are present in the River Kwai, which makes it a fantastic fishing spot. Guests can also explore Kanchanaburi’s largest and most famous cave, Lawa Cave, which is beautifully designed by nature with and discover the Kitti bat, the world’s smallest bat that lives in the cave.

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The property

This award-winning hotel consists of floating rooms that are placed in a floating bamboo lodge, which is firmly fixed along the River Kwai. Surrounded by lush green mountains and jungles, the River Kwai flows under each one of the rooms. Assembled from locally sourced woven bamboo and teakwood, each room is decorated with wooden furnishings to resemble the Mon’s living style. Relax on a hammock on your spacious outdoor bamboo deck that offers breath-taking views of the River Kwai and surrounding greenery. All rooms come equipped with full modern amenities, except electricity and internet. Indulge in a true eco-getaway by utilizing the use of traditional Kerosene lamps to create a truly authentic experience.

River Kwai Jungle Rafts’ floating open-air restaurant provides a magical dining experience under the star-lit sky. Wine and dine in a romantic and elegant ambience, whilst the river flows below your feet. Listen to the whispering sounds of the river while enjoying the delicious Thai, local Mon, and Western dishes the restaurant provides. The restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, uses organic ingredients locally grown from nearby villages. Enjoy a more pleasant stay by heading over to the floating Jungle Bar, which serves a wide range of beverages including, wines, cocktails and beers.


A bridge causeway links your raft to a Mon tribe village, where activities are available, and the village and forest are yours to explore. 


The open-air restaurant offers Western, Thai and local Mon cuisine, using organic ingredients grown in nearby villages. The Jungle bar is the perfect spot for unwinding.

Why Wayfairer

The hotel strives to conserve and help the local Mon community by supporting through building Mon cultural temple, Mon Chedi, accommodations, Mon school & playground, drinking water, proper waste management and helping them fix houses and eradicate malaria from the area.

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