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The most exclusive destination in the Indian Ocean

A scenic flight from the inner islands of the Seychelles will take you to one of the most exclusive destinations in the Indian Ocean; the islands of the Northern Seychelles.

Consisting namely of North Island, Bird Island and Denis Island, few find their way to these castaway paradises but those that do leave with incredible tales to tell of deserted sandy beaches, unforgettable marine wildlife encounters and dreamy nights spent under a warm, milky starscape.

Upto 100km north of Mahe you’ll encounter some of the Seychelles most impressive conservation areas in the waters and shores of Bird Island, where an estimated 1.5million sooty turns nest each year. Bird Island is also home to Greater Crested Terns, Noddies, Frigatebirds perched in the highest trees, Fairy Terns, White-tailed Tropicbirds, Seychelles Blue Pigeons and waders such as Grey Plovers, Curlew Sandpipers, and Ruddy Turnstones. This really is a nature lovers paradise.

The shores of the “near by” Denis island are equally dedicated to the conservation of ocean coral reefs and Hawkesbill and green turtles, who nest on the sandy shores are carefully tracked and monitored by the island’s NGO outpost team.

The famed North Island, which lies a little closer to the Seychelles ring of inner islands is possibly the most exclusive, private island experience in all the Seychelles. Frequented by royalty, you can expect similarly royal standards and service as well brilliant tropical beaches at every turn.

Wandering the warm shores of the Northern Seychelles islands you may well feel like you are tiptoeing on the edges of the earth itself; the furthest you’ve ever felt from anything and everything. Paradise found? We certainly think so.

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When To Go

The Northern Seychelles are a great standalone destination. Or, pair them with the inner islands to experience the diversity of the Seychelles more lively granite islands and it’s quieter, lesser-explored coralline regions. We also love to tie this area up with a safari in Kenya, South Africa or Sri Lanka for the ultimate bush and beach holiday.

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Accommodation in The Northern Seychelles

Bird Island is a small island with a selection of low-key self-catering bungalows with a laid back, do-as-you-please approach to daily life. Families will likely enjoy Denis Island; a luxurious private island packed with activities for people or all ages. Honeymooners or those looking for a premium experience will love the exclusivity of North Island, the southern-most of the Northern Islands.

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