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Camp in a blossoming haven in safari-style tents surrounded by the deep history of the Sacred Valley

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Las Qolqas Eco Resort is our newest accommodation in Peru, recently opening its doors to visitors in 2020. This lodge offers a holistic experience of the Sacred Valley, an opportunity to become more connected to the natural and historical virtues of a simply spectacular setting, without leaving any footprint on the precious environment.

‘Qolqas’ are important Inca structures used as storehouses for grains and textiles. This lodging aims to take visitors on a step back in time, to the simple way of life of traditional Andean culture. With unadulterated views of the mountains and archeological sites on the borders, along with all the modern amenities for optimum ease and comfort, nestle right into the secluded valley that has been treasured by its occupants for hundreds of years. 

Wake up amongst Las Qolqas’ botanical gardens, hosting a variety of the Sacred Valley’s indigenous plants, trees and herbs. Breath the fresh and fragrant mountain air, wander down pathways lined with the herbs and fertile fruiting trees. Observe giant hummingbirds and their smaller cousins up close as they flit by for a feed, and span out across the framing mountains and flowing Patacancha River. 

Hike to ancient ruins, climb to vast vistas and experience secluded waterfalls right from your doorstep. Relax in the all-natural spa where massages are inspired by native rituals and essential oils from the valley are used to introduce you to the benefits of the products of the region. Simply relax in a sauna or hot-tub with the river as your view, or experience unique wellness methods in outdoor water circuits. 

Las Qolqas is a wonderful option for those wishing to experience the Sacred Valley’s natural virtues up-close and personal. This lodge was originally meant to be a luxury eco-hotel, but for low environmental impact purposes, they decided to use tented accommodation which really immerses visitors in the amazingly colourful ecosystem here. This is a really special, unique stay so close to the famous Inca town of Ollantaytambo.

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The Property

Las Qolqas Eco Resort boasts 13 comfortable safari-style tents, and 4 outstanding two-story lodges with all the possible luxury features. Each tent has a large glass facade and decking area, boasting spectacular views of the valley. The Double/Twin Tents are bungalows for two people, equipped with a hot rainshower and a toasty wood stove with a sunny decking overlooking the green surroundings. The Family Tent is perfect for up to four people, or the luxury group tent is the multi-story tented accommodation sleeping up to eight people. 


Facilities at Las Qolqas include a restaurant, bar, garden and WiFi. The lodge also features a tented spa, a unique destination right on the Patacancha River enabling rest and rejuvenation following Sacred Valley explorations. There are plenty of opportunities that facilitate your excursions, such as hiking tours, village immersion trips, mysticism introductory tours, mountain bike rentals or culinary experiences such as cooking lessons. Las Qolqas has all the facilities of a luxury lodge, from a simple dwelling immersed in the natural environment. 


Pututu Restaurant is named after the conch used during Inca times to call out to the sacred mountains and their Deities. The Pututu Restaurant and Bar are set in a greenhouse where Las Qolqas grow many of their products. Incredible views of the surrounding mountains complement some of the best of Peruvian Andean cuisine, all-organic and entirely sourced locally. The food is all seasonal, and the menu changes daily depending on what the chef can find in local markets and neighbouring farms. The food at Pututu is exciting, colourful and unique and the vegan options are fantastic. The bar specialises in Peruvian liquors, so try the Aguaymanto Sour (made with golden berries), chilled Olluco wine (made from local potatoes), or a Purple Corn Whiskey. Locally brewed beers are available on tap, or simply warm up with local infusions. 

Why Wayfairer

At Wayfairer we are incredibly selective with the lodges we chose to partner with. Las Qolqas prides themselves on a deep respect for their environment and the ancient traditions that Peruvian culture interconnected to. This lodge aims to give back to the Sacred Valley through utilising countless ecological methods to ensure the lowest impact possible. These include: minimal impact architectural dwellings that blend in beautifully with the surroundings; tents customised to be thermally efficient; solar energy for lighting; the use of ancient irrigation techniques for waste water; growing organic produce on-site; employing and empowering local communities. Las Qolqas shares our ethos at Wayfairer, the team here are fully invested in making their surroundings a better place, therefore they have even started the ‘Asociacion Civil Las Qolqas’ NGO. This organisation prioritises children’s education, family healthcare, environmental protection and the preservation of Peru’s cultural heritage. Read about their projects here. 

Not only is a Wayfairer adventure sustainable, but on your journey we’ll be with you at every step of the way. Our Luxury Concierge Service will ensure that all needs are catered for. You’ll be with compassionate local guides in each location who will introduce you to these special destinations with intimate knowledge and understanding.

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