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Las Casitas offers an all-organic experience of luxury in Colca

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Providing the chance for a secluded getaway, Las Casitas is the ultimate place to unwind. Situated on the left bank of the Colca River and just ten minutes outside of the charming village of Yanque, the setting here is ethereal and exclusive. 

Spacious casitas overlook the expansive valley, and the beautiful grounds of the lodge. The winding bio-orchards, numerous greenhouses and farm where horses, pigs, llamas and baby alpacas roam freely provide ample opportunity to engage fully with the natural virtues of the Colca Valley. 

From the front door of your private lodge, trek out into the ancient footpaths surrounding, or saddle up and explore on one of the beautiful Peruvian Paso horses. Hire mountain bikes, or set off at the crack of dawn with world-renowned birding experts to experience the Condor in all its vast glory.

Las Casitas provides both an opportunity to explore, and an opportunity to relax. After a day’s excursion, delve into a book from the library, and settle by the swimming pool made of local stone, under the healing mountain sun. As the day turns to evening, angle for your supper in the trout pond and enjoy a tea brewed from muna leaves picked by your very own hands. 

Aromatic eucalyptus groves lead weary travellers to the Samay Spa for natural treatments of heated basalt stones from the Colca Canyon and infusions of sacred coca leaves. This secluded retreat is all about connecting with nature’s healing properties.

Enjoy a drink at the Puccq’lo Bar, where cocktails are made from fresh mountain fruits and rest well after gorging yourself on the colourful and organic produce of the valley.

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The Property

The property is made up of 20 individual bungalows, or ‘casitas’. Each casita is appointed with a beautiful terrace overlooking the valley with its own heated plunge pool, ample space inside with cozy seating and a toasty fireplace, a four-poster bed and a marble bathroom with an outdoor hot water rain shower. The main house hosting the restaurant and bar areas fuses ultimate luxury with Peruvian farmland traditions.


Las Casitas features a swimming pool and the Samay Spa (‘samay’ being Quechua for ‘rest’), a farm, numerous greenhouses and bio-orchards, wildlife and livestock who roam freely, a trout pond, a library and a restaurant and bar on site. There are also plentiful opportunities for excursions and experiences, set off on a canyon trek equipped with a freshly prepared Andean picnic or learn how to cook the produce picked from just outside your door. 


Curiña Restaurant showcases a vast array of ingredients that have been cultivated in their very own garden. Try simplistic and flavoursome mountain dishes and learn about indigenous cooking styles, taste the hearty rocoto relleno (stewed hot pepper), marinated meats and fresh purple corn. Finish off with the chef’s chapana, a fresh cheese drizzled with mountain honey. 

Why Wayfairer

At Wayfairer we are incredibly selective with the lodges we chose to partner with. Belmond Las Casitas is one of the more off-the-beaten-track lodges, whose remote location enables it to really connect with the natural surroundings. The gardens and farmland surrounding means that Las Casitas is a step towards self-sufficiency and actively encourages us to engage with our consumption.

Throughout a stay, Wayfairer travellers are provided with a 24hr luxury concierge service ensuring that every need is satisfied. At Wayfairer Travel, we only partner with companies and lodges that share our ethos of sustainable tourism that is beneficial all-round. 

Belmond is deeply respectful of local communities, they aim to make a positive contribution to their destinations and support and give back sustainably. To think global and act local means that through welcoming sustainable and responsible tourism, all parties benefit.

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