Traverse marine habitats and return to your cosy seafront terrace, during a heavenly stay at Bahia Bustamente. 

Bahia Bustamente is a beautiful seaside lodge which champions the importance of human intimacy with nature, showing a deep-running compassion for its local wildlife.  

Discover a oneness with nature during a cosy stay at Bahia Bustamente
One of the Superior Sea Cabins. They have simple decoration, are cosy with a window onlooking the coast.
This Standard Sea Cabin is cosy with yellow-painted walls and a large window.
The cabins at Bahia Bustamente back onto an open road which runs along the shore. The sky is a cerulean blue.
The dining room has warm lighting and is equipped with wooden tables, set with wine glasses and wicker lamp shades hang above them.
A Kitchenette in one of the Superior Sea Cabins has a traditional and stripped-back style. A bottle of red wine sits on the counter.
The living area of one of the cabins has a plush sofa and a dark-oak coffee table.
The communal library in the lodge is spacious and dressed in old-timely furniture, including comfy leather arm chairs which face a panoramic window.
Workers are herding sheep in the surrounding grounds of the lodge during an autumnal afternoon.
A jeep embarks along a sandy path during one of the lodge's game drives.
Two horses gallop across the nearby grasslands during the late afternoon.

A stay at this glorious Patagonia hotel introduces you to the beauty of Patagonia Austral National Park and Blue Patagonia UNSECO Biosphere Reserve, as the property supports the blossoming of these areas.  

Bahia Bustamente Lodge was founded in the 1950s as a seaweed settlement, housing over 400 workers and families. This history resonates through the hotel’s traditional feel, as you are slept in these old houses, which have since been refurbished to keep you comfortable.  

Visit the Memorial Room for an insight of the lodge’s fascinating history, or embark on a tour of the seaweed farm. A further array of daytime activities allows you to explore the nearby peninsula, a mystical petrified forest, and the pebbly habitats of Magellanic penguins! 

The lodge showcases the outdoors to its guest, inviting you with open arms to explore one of the most beautiful regions of Patagonia. Hundreds of aviary species are also welcomed by Bahia Bustamente, as its rich marine communities make it an ideal residence for sea birds.

All this, paired with warm hospitality and comfortable rooms, is what makes Bahia Bustamente the perfect stay to crown your Patagonia holiday. 

Two Magellanic penguins sit happily on a pebbly ground.
A guest is enjoying a glass of red wine ahead of a warming log fire.

The Lodge

All of the cabins adorn a classic style and are especially bright and airy, accented by hand-crafted fabrics and wooden furnishings. The most luxurious option is the Superior Sea Cabins, which have 2 double rooms, an open living space and a large bathroom, alongside a gorgeous ocean-view terrace for your mornings spent sipping coffee.  

If you wish for something more laid-back, the Standard Sea Cabins offer a more subtle décor and space, whilst five Steppe Cabins provide a cheaper stay without meals and activities included. Kitchenettes and patio barbecues make for an especially relaxed trip, perfecting your cosy evenings with intimate family meals. 


Decorate your remarkable Patagonia itinerary with memorable experiences and time to wind down.

“The Club” provides a games room with pool, ping-pong and table-football, making the perfect space for the kids whilst you recline in the Lodge Living Room. At the end of your trip, the Craftshop sells local products and handcrafts, so that you can look back at your Patagonia holiday with fond memories.  

Step outside your comfort zone and embark on outdoor adventures with Bahia Bustamente. Perhaps your thrilling adventure holiday yearns for the exquisite beauty of the nearby peninsula, where trekking and biking awaits you. You can even soak in one of the region's tranquil natural pools!



Bahia Bustamente Lodge celebrates traditional Patagonian cuisine and the tasty products sourced from local areas, also making use of its on-site organic farm for fruit and vegetables. The Bar and Living Room creates the perfect ambience for your relaxed evenings, offering an array of fine wines and ice-cold beers. Allow your worries to melt away as you reflect on your adventurous Patagonia holiday ahead of a flavourful meal.

How this lodge makes your trip more responsible

Bahia Bustamente forms part of a larger area of wildlife and habitat protection, also being regarded as an IBAs (an important bird and biodiversity area). The lodge strives to protect its natural surroundings, also welcoming its guests to fall in love with the Patagonian outdoors through its interactive experiences.

Bahia Bustamente only uses solar energy for the Lodge’s electricity and separates its waste on every level, even using spring water with natural spring gravity, reminding its guests that water is not an infinite resource. During your stay, you should interact with the lodge's passion for wildlife.

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