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A picturesque string of dune islands scattered across the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean.

Bazaruto Archipelago was first established as a National Park in 1971 and more recently in 2017 the management was taken over by African Parks. This is their first destination in Mozambique and even their first marine venture – with the goal to protect and revitalize this pristine coral ecosystem.

Bazaruto is a remarkably productive 1,430 km2 seascape that is connected by a chain of five picturesque islands. These extremely fertile terrestrial and marine ecosystems harbour many rare and endemic bird, reptile, and marine species, including over 2,000 fish species and iconic marine megafaunas such as whales, sharks, rays, dolphins, and turtles. The flagship species, however, is the dugong as the park is a stronghold for the last viable population within the Western Indian Ocean.

This string of five sandy islands offers some of the most iconic Mozambique water scenes you will find. With a range of diverse underwater life on offer you can head out and meet dolphins, whale sharks, humpback whales, manta rays, and green sea turtles! All protected within the marine park this sanctuary offers so much for those looking into the underwater world.

Tucked away in different dunes you will find some accommodation for every traveller. Take it slow for those romantic getaways and secluded honeymoons. Or pick a charming hotel perfect for families as you jump in a dhow and explore the islands.

The main activities on these islands centres around the beautiful water and wildlife. Take your time to learn some scuba diving, grab a snorkel or kayak to explore the under-water world. Of course, there is plenty of time for the beach, try some island hopping or pack some lunch and go for a beach picnic!

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Best time to visit

Bazaruto typically follows the seasons of the rest of Mozambique. With the best months being between April to September. With diving being particularly of note between Sep-Oct when the water visibility is at its clearest. Humpback action is also at it’s peak between Aug-Sep so all in all it’s a great time to visit! From November through to March there is high chance of tropical rains and a smaller chance of cyclones passing the area. The rain churns up the sand and phytoplankton blooms make water visibility less.

 That’s not to say you can’t visit in the rainy season, with March and November still offering some lovely sunny and balmy days to enjoy. You just have to be more flexible with activities on offer at this time. We would try and avoid Jan-Feb as the wettest months and the highest chance of cyclones.

Featured Holidays

Bazaruto can be an ideal one stop destination for those looking for a completely relaxing beach break or tagged on to the end of a longer itinerary. As access to this area is best reached from Johannesburg it’s typically combined as the beach destination after a South African safari.

We love to stay at Azura Benguerra a fantastic property for couples especially those on a special trip such as a honeymoon or anniversary. Whilst here your typical day would consist of lounging around your stunning villa, take a dip in the pool or book a massage. For those looking to be more adventurous this is the perfect opportunity to explore the underwater world. Learn to Scuba dive or head out snorkelling to see if you can spot the rare dugongs. There’s also the chance to enjoy a horse ride on the beach, climb aboard a dhow to island hop or enjoy a beach picnic.

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