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Venture to the ancient ‘Island in the Sky’ for breathtaking views of tea plantations all the way to Mozambique

So tall it creates its own climate and with endless views to Mozambique, Mount Mulanje towers at 3,048 metres and stands as Malawi’s highest peak. With thousands of years of river erosion, Mulanje has fascinating geological features including cauldron-like hollows, marvelous gorges, waterfalls, basins and lush green mountain peaks.

The colossal peaks create disturbance in the air flow resulting in the formation of rain clouds. These regular rain clouds are an integral source of water for the region and the natural mountain filtration means you can drink the spring water straight from the source.

The area is famous for its hiking and rock climbing, with many well-maintained trails and huts for overnight stays in the sky, making it the ideal destination for adventurous and active travelers. The drizzly micro-climate can add an exhilarating challenge, but with some good shoes and your helpful local guides who know the mountains like the back of their hand, your safety is always ensured. 

Embark on a three-night trek, summiting Sapwita and absorbing the panoramic views to Mozambique, where you’ll be higher than anybody else in Central Africa. Come evening, watch the sunset and thousands of glimmering stars appear over Malawi as you enjoy dinner around the woodfire with a blanket and listen to your guide share their stories.

On the descent, stop off at the many tumbling waterfalls for a refreshing swim in the chilly mountain water and keep an eye out for the endemic plant and animal species such as forest butterflies, dwarf chameleons and the white-winged Apalis.

It’s not just hikers who can explore Mulanje. You can also enjoy cycling and horse riding, while anglers can go trout fishing in the well-stocked River Lichenya.

Described as a hidden gem, Mulanje district itself is laden with rolling emerald-green hills with tea fields, charming colonial houses and untouched foothill forests that you can explore at your own pace with your private guide and vehicle.

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Best times to visit Mulanje

The best time to visit Mount Mulanje is between April and August where temperatures are comfortable, and rainfall is low. November to April is typically very warm and wet, while September to October is very warm and dry, making trekking conditions extremely challenging. The 20-year old Mt Mulanje Porters Race takes place annually on the second Saturday of July and makes for an exciting addition to your itinerary.

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