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Go with the flow in this small paradise with the world’s first freshwater national park

Enveloped by granite boulders in the Nankumba Peninsula on the southern shore of Lake Malawi, Cape Maclear is a staggeringly beautiful destination and a haven to relax and absorb a slow pace of life.

In the morning, wake to a pastel sunrise over Lake Malawi while local fisherman head out on colourful wooden boats for the morning catch. In the afternoon, the sun warms the honey-coloured sand and azure water glitters invitingly, with local children arriving for an after-school swim.

As evening falls, take in the the vivid orange sunset from a hammock under the baobabs with an ice-cold sundowner. The beachside bars and restaurants start to awaken with the sound of reggae and the smell of fresh seafood.

Aside from relaxing and soaking up this tranquil lifestyle, there are ample activities to keep you busy at Cape Maclear.

Lake Malawi is famed for its abundant fish life and holds a great diversity of freshwater fish species than any other lake on earth. It’s an incredible spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can enjoy excursions to Thumbi Island or hire snorkeling gear to take a self-guided trip to Otter Point.

Atop of the water you can venture out on kayaks and paddleboards or embark on boat trips with knowledgeable local guides as you hunt for hidden coves and caves.

For those who like exploring by foot there are also plenty of trail routes with a range of difficulty. We recommend hiking up to Kungoni hills where you’ll get the best view of Cape Maclear from the summit, as well as spot some endemic bird species.

Whether you’ve spent the day lazing in a beachside hammock or hiked up Nkhunguni Peak, the mouthwatering local cuisine is one not to be missed. Fragrant fish curry, straight from the lake, as well as vegetarian and child-friendly dishes that satisfy every taste. One thing is for sure, the food here is always fresh and locally prepared.

Cape Maclear is perfect for all travellers, whether you prefer an active holiday of adventures, or you’re looking to lounge in a state of bliss as life carries on around you.

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Best times to visit Cape Maclear

Cape Maclear is a great all year-round destination except for December to February when mother nature brings relentless downpours. The best time to visit Cape Maclear is from July to September, when it’s hot and dry during the day, with a cooler breeze in the evening and low mosquito activity.

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