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Discover the best times to visit Argentina and what each season has to offer

From steamy rainforests to sun-drenched vineyards to frosty glaciers, Argentina is a massive country with a myriad of climates and seasons. Choosing when to go will depend on what you want to see and do.

The summers are scorching in the north and perfect for trekking in the south, while the winters are freezing in the south and milder in the north. Autumn is best for visiting the wine region, while spring is the best for pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds.

Summer in Argentina (December to February)

As the temperatures soar during the Argentina summer, so do the crowds and prices. It’s the best time of year to trek Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and the Andean mountains, with the mildest temperatures, clear skies and less chance of snow.

However, central and northern Argentina become scorching hot. Buenos Aires is muggy and crowded, although it’s a great time to escape to the beach region near the capital. The Northwest region is sizzling and prone to flash flooding during the summer.

Autumn in Argentina (March to May)

Autumn is a breathtaking time to visit Argentina, as the landscapes light up in red and orange foliage, and the vineyards glow in golden hues. Temperatures are mild and crowds have thinned, although Easter is one of the busiest holiday periods in Argentina.

It’s the best season to visit the wine region of Mendoza. You can see the wine harvests and the Mendoza Wine Festival in March, an incredible celebration of the harvest.

Winter in Argentina (June to August)

Temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, heralding ski season in Argentina. You can start heading to the Andes ski resorts around June, however the best of the season begins in July (the busiest month) and runs to early September.

Central and northern Argentina experience milder temperatures and fewer crowds, although the southern Patagonia region is usually closed for trekking and can be inaccessible due to blizzards.

Spring in Argentina (September to November)

The arrival of spring sees the country lit up in a vibrant display of wildflowers and spring blooms. Temperatures are pleasant, there are fewer crowds, and central and northern Argentina are stunning.
You can see plenty of wildlife in the north, drive the Calchaqui Valleys circuit in the Northwest, wander beautiful Buenos Aires and enjoy all the outdoor adventure as the south begins to warm up.

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