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Discover a kaleidoscope of colour and breath taking natural wonders

Few venture to the wild Northwest of Argentina, but those that do are welcomed by rich Argentinian culture, striking mountain terrain, moon-like landscapes all to themselves and quaint towns with fine food, great wine and quaint architecture.

Catamarca is the gateway to El Norte, where the spectacular Calchaquí Valleys begin their journey, winding through Tucumán, Cafayete and Salta. Horseback ride through the picturesque Tafí del Valle and don your hiking boots to take in the impressive rock formations of Quebrada de las Conchas near Cafayete and sweeping views of Quebrada de Humahuaca; a narrow mountain valley in the province of Jujuy.

It's in Argentina’s wild Northwest that you’ll find, not only its famously impeccable wilderness of astonishing contradictions, but some of the highest vineyards in the world and award winning wine. A few nights in a bodega near Cafayete or Salta is a must-do on your luxury Argentina holiday.

Speaking of “must-do,” those seeking solitude and breath-taking expanse must head Northwest of Salta into the Argentine Andes. Here you’ll find La Puna; an intense, rich landscape with Inca ruins emerging from volcanic craters, immense, sparkling sand dunes, other-worldly pumice fields, glasslike lakes with flutters of flamingos and sweeping slat flats.

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When to go to The Argentine Northwest

For the most part, El Norte is a year-round destination. La Puna and the Calchaquí Valleys offer year-round sunshine, though higher altitude destinations can see temperatures drop substantially.

The Autumn months of March and April often offer warmer days and clearer skies, making this a popular time of year to travel. Northern Argentina is also a great alternative to Patagonia in the winter months (June/August) when the Southern regions are snowed under.

January and February (Summer) see higher rainfall making some roads impassable and it’s recommended to avoid mid-September in Salta as the Milagro procession makes this area especially busy.

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Argentina Holidays

The Argentine Northwest makes for an incredible stand alone destination; fly into Catamarca or Salta from Buenos Aires and self-drive or take a guided tour by road, foot and horseback. Combining Salta and La Pena with Iguaza Falls is also a great way to cover all that Northern Argentina has to offer. Those on the wine route may enjoy combining a few nights in Mendoza with a bodega in Cafayete, whilst those looking for adventure can begin their journey in Patagonia and traverse the Argentine/Chilean border all the way to the Atacama desert.

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