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Under our ambassador scheme, if you refer a friend or family member who books with us, you both receive £200 credit towards your next holiday with Wayfairer Travel

When Wayfairer Travel started growing, we noticed something remarkable: our previous guests were sending their friends and family our way… and they couldn’t wait to book with us.

They’d heard first-hand tales of epic adventures and mindful travel; responsible attitudes and swoon-worthy accommodation. They’d heard how we’d crafted bespoke journeys, integrated personalised elements and included a few surprises in there for good measure.

So, naturally, when the time came to book their own breath-taking holiday, they chose Wayfairer. And it’s all because of you. From all of us, and our partners on the ground who benefit from our collective responsible ethos: thank you. We believe that the good you put out there always comes back to you one way or another, so here’s our promise to you:

Because this is bigger than us. It’s about more than our brand or even a holiday. It’s about making choices that support your values, supporting companies which share unreservedly, and seizing travel opportunities that make the world a kinder, more open-hearted place.

If you've previously travelled with Wayfairer and there’s someone you know who’d love to travel soon, share this page with them.


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Below are some FAQs to set out all the details. If you should need any further information at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

“This sounds great! I loved my holiday with you… so now what?”

We’re so glad you had a wonderful time. If you’d like to pass on our name to friends or family, all you’ll need to do is ensure they name-drop you when they first get in touch with us. Once they book, they’ll automatically get £200 to put towards their holiday (suite upgrade, anyone?), whilst you will find a rather nice bonus added to your pot.

“What if more than one friend books with you?”

Then you can say hello to another luxury break. You are not limited to the amount of credit you can receive, so get sharing. Can you hear the call of distant shores already… ?

“Can I have the £200 as cash?”

The £200 credit is redeemable at Wayfairer’s ‘luxury travel bank’ only. What does that look like? How about a whale-watching trip in New Zealand, a suite upgrade in Thailand, or a private starlit dinner in the Maldives?

"Does everyone travelling receive the £200 travel credit?"

The credit applies per booking, not per the number of people travelling in a party. But you can obtain multiple to put towards one booking if more than one of your connections books with us.

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